Thursday, November 18, 2010

I haven't had much going on this week worthy of blogging about, so I'll just make a random list of things today...

(1) School is winding down. I only have class next Monday and then I have the rest of the week without class. I am just beside myself with excitement. After T-giving, I only have one week of classes left and then one week of final exams. Then I have 5 weeks off before Spring starts up.

(2) I think I have to get started on Christmas decorations this weekend. It looks like the weather is going to be on the cool side the weekend after T-giving, so I'm thinking outside lights this year and inside after T-giving.

(3) Speaking of the outside lights... last year all my Clark Griswold-like decorations blew out my front porch electric plug.  Then sometime later I noticed that my back porch plug wasn't working either.  I figured that there was either a GFCI plug that had switched off or it was a fuse.  I looked and tested things all over the house.  I couldn't find any fuses in the breaker box that weren't attached to the porches and something else and all the "something else" was still working, so that ruled out the fuse.  I went to every single GFCI plug I knew of and made sure it wasn't blown.  No luck.  I finally called an electrician out this week and he was suppose to come today, but then I got a call this morning and the electrician told me he was about 80% certain it was a GFCI issue and that I had a GFCI plug in the garage.  I didn't know there was one in the garage because I have so much crap in my garage.  He gave me a couple of hints about where it was likely located and sure enough, I found it and fixed the problem myself!  Wasn't that so nice of the electrician?

(4) I'm really wanting to make sausage balls this weekend.

(5) I also feel the need to make some pumpkin bread and pumpkin bread cupcakes with cream cheese icing.  That may also happen sometime soon in my kitchen.


Kelsey Claire said...

You so need to make sausage balls and everything pumpkin!

Abby said...


Ann said...

I'm so impressed with your electrical knowledge. I have so much to learn about home ownership!!

Sausage balls and pumpkin bread sound so good. I may have to make some too!

Amanda said...

So funny, I got stuff to make sausage balls today! Yum!


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