Monday, November 1, 2010

Random Monday

Here's my random list of thoughts for today:

(1) I'm wondering how many days it is going to take me to catch up on sleep? 

(2) Halloween Wrap-Up:  I had more trick-or-treaters than last year.  I decided that there is no need for scary decorations when you have Lola.   She hates Halloween and hates the kids.  When I open the door enough to try and slide outside (usually with kids trying to come inside...why?), Lola turns into Cujo.  She caused every single kid to jump.  I mean literally jump.  I'm not sure, but a couple may have peed their pants.  I finally had to put her in my room for the duration of the night.

Since Lola hates Halloween so bad, I'm thankful I don't live where my parents do...they had enough candy for 450 kids and ran out! 

(3) Otterbox came out with cute colors!  And the best part is that they have a 90 day return policy and I am about a week out from that deadline, so I can get a new one and send the black one back.  I'm not going to lie, this 85 days of having a non-pink case has been rough!

(4) Today is my cousin's birthday.  The reason why I'm noting this is because she is 11.  She was born my second year of law school.  My uncle flew me from Lubbock to Dallas on November 2nd of that year to meet baby Gracie.  This makes me feel old.  I wanted to also include my friends from way back then who remember when Gracie was born into the feeling old state that I'm in now.

(5) Tonight is do or die for the Texas Rangers.  Come on Rangers!  Pull out a win!

(6) Tomorrow is election day.  I'm pretty happy about that because I'm beyond tired of the horrible advertisements on tv.  But remember to vote!  If you don't vote, you don't get to complain!


Emilymud said...

Poor kids...I am sure Lola kept you safe! Winston did not like it as much, I think because of the costumes. Wish we had trick or treaters like your mom and dad. That would total be more fun than 6. I like your random post today, I learned a lot! Thanks

Kelsey Claire said...

Just bought myself the purple otterbox! Can't wait for it to ship. Go Rangers!

Abby said...

Well incase turning 35 wasn't enough, you successfully put the nail in the coffin with the Gracie being 11 business!!

Ordered my otter box. Thank heavens for that man at the olive garden or we might have missed it!

Ann said...

Glad you are getting the pink case- I understand the need for cute accessories!!

I didn't have many trick-or-treaters. Not sure why. I'd always had a ton in the past. Maybe because lots of churches held events. Now I'm stuck with a lot of candy!

Samantha said...

Did they have turquoise otter covers?


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