Monday, December 20, 2010

And the Oscar goes to...

Yesterday, Billy & I went to brunch at Hully & Mo's and then went to the Angelika to see The King's Speech

I've been anxiously waiting for the film to come to Dallas and it finally did this weekend.  It went so far beyond my expectations!  It was brilliant!  So heart-warming and so, so funny. 
Collin Firth was at his all time best (and I think he's been pretty darn good in the past).  Helena Bonham Carter was so wonderful.  The emotions that came from just her facial expressions would break your heart.  Geoffrey Rush went beyond his prior performances too.  In my opinion this movie should sweep the Oscars (but I will admit that I have a couple of more contenders to still see). 

I do recommend that you see the movie.  As Billy pointed out, it didn't seem to be a favorite with the younger set.  I think he commented that the line to get in looked like an AARP meeting and that most of the people in line were probably alive during World War II, but we both enjoyed it immensely.

Go check it out.  I think we provide a well balanced review of the movie because Billy who thinks that the monarchy is complete and utter rubbish thought it was a fantastic movie.  Me, who is by admission, a complete Anglophile thought it was one of the best movies I've seen in years!

Here's the preview if you haven't seen anything about it.


Spotted-Bird said...

I want to see this, but I can't find it at a theater. Hopefully soon!

Ann said...

I want to see it too!! Glad you liked it- makes me think I will love it too!


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