Monday, December 13, 2010

iphone photo Monday

Today I took my Mom's load of Danielle Steel novels up to Half Price Books.  Turns out they would only buy about 10 of the 687 books I took up there, but they are donating the rest.  Among the boxes of stuff I brought back from Nocona, I did steal something that I wanted.  I brought this painting home.  My grandmother painted it for my Mom and I stole it to hang in my kitchen above my microwave and oven.  I think it looks great!

iphone photo #1

Now let me tell you the tale of new sheets... I decided when I was home at Thanksgiving that I missed my Ralph Lauren Sateen sheets.  Last week, I was in Homegoods and saw a set of RL Sateen sheets for $39.99.  I bought a chocolate brown set and thought I had really scored. 

Two nights ago, I got ready to wash them and put them on my bed only to discover that the set that has "Queen" stickers all over it was actually King.  So yesterday, I called Mom who decided that she'd take the King set, and then I headed out to Homegoods again to buy an actual Queen set.  I ended up in a checkout line that snaked and snaked around, but I convinced myself that sleeping in those great sheets would be worth it. 

Once I finally got home, I washed the sheets and put them on my bed.  When putting them on, I noticed that they weren't really as soft as the sateen sheets I've had in the past, and that the deep pocket fitted sheet would barely go over my pillowtop mattress.  This morning, after a night's sleep on them, I decided that they totally sucked, so I returned them.  Yes I did!  I returned sheets that I had washed and slept in.  I also returned Mom's set too.

So now, I am having to put another set of sheets on my bed.  It is really irritating because that is one of my least favorite chores, and now I'm having to do it twice in two days!  However, I've put it on hold for a bit because of this...

iphone photo #2
This little angel is snoozing on the bench at the end of my bed and is on top of the blankets.  How on earth could I kick her off?


Kelsey Claire said...

RL sateen sheets are the best! I miss mine too. I hope you find the perfect pair soon!

Abby said...

Pretty sure you introduced me to those sheets in law school. Still my favorite sheets ever! I will be sad if they are no longer fabulous!

Lola is so precious!!

Ann said...

Good luck on your sheet quest! Finding just the right pair is hard.

Cute pic of Lola!

The Ffrench's said...

Lola is just so cute !! I keep finding Marlee under the sheets in SG's bed !


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