Friday, December 31, 2010

Another Year Over...

Doesn't it seem like just yesterday that it was 1999 going into 2000?  When the world was teetering on the brink of the unknown?  Worried that your electronics weren't going to work after midnight, while at the same time hoping that all your credit card debt & student loan debt was going to magically disappear in the chaos. 

Now here we are.  2010 is almost over and we are about to welcome in 2011.  In some ways every year is just like 1999/2000.  Still teetering on the brink of the unknown.  While we are certain that all of our electronics are going to work, and yes, that all our debt will still be there once the clock strikes midnight, a new year still holds countless possibilities and unknowns.

While I usually find New Year's Eve to be a bit depressing because I think of the things that didn't happen over the year...the vacation that didn't materialize, the love I didn't find, the lottery I didn't win, etc., I find that on New Year's Day I am always hopeful for the potential that the new year possesses.

May your 2011 be Happy, Healthy, Prosperous, Peaceful, full of Love & Friendship, and so many other things that I couldn't possible type them all here.  Happy New Year Blog Readers!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Year In Review

Here is a recap of my 2010!

January:  I got my new camera (and fancy strap, and fancy bag...)!

We got a big snowstorm
Celebrated Lola's 5th Birthday
and met Abby & Brian in Austin for some outlet shopping and our friend, Chris Pepper's "Howdy Partner" party
March: Among all the events, I was on cloud 9 because I booked my annual May Mexico trip and loved that Liberty of London made it's way to Target so I could stock up on their swimsuits for my vacation...

Took a trip to Dallas Blooms at the Dallas Arboretum
and got a spring snow storm
April: So April was clearly my most fun month of the year!  Who knew April would be so fun?

Easter fun
Re-landscaping (okay, so more work than fun)

Seeing Bon Jovi with Suzanna

Traveling to El Campo and then Houston to visit Abby & go see Ryan Star at the House of Blues
May: So we all know by now, May didn't exactly go as planned!

I'll spare you the gory photos, but can't leave these out...
but there was a little fun...
June:  I feel like June was consumed by physical therapy...

stitches were finally removed
Lisa & I went to see one of my favorite authors, Emily Giffin, at B&N...
and I got a new Fairy Godmother


July was when I discovered J Rae's cupcakes and the world would never again be the same...
I took Maddie & Gracie to see the Ramona Movie
I shopped the heck out of the Nordstrom Sale a couple of different times
We had a couple of celebrations for my Meme's 80th Birthday


I killed my new Fairy Godmother
I began to be able to bend my hand again with much effort (and pain)
Ryan Star's new CD, that I'd been impatiently awaiting,  finally came out
and he started a tour which I drug Lisa to


I went to Fort Worth and finally ate at Ellerbe (try it if you haven't)

But the real highlight was going to NOLA with Abby

 October:  Besides being my Birthday month, October was filled with activities...

The State Fair of Texas
Another Ryan Star Concert
I persuaded Emily to go with me this time...
Went to College Station for the Tech/A&M Game
and celebrated Halloween

November: This month was made up of lots of decorating...first for Thanksgiving....
Then after celebrating Thanksgiving, it was time to decorate for Christmas.


Visiting with cousins in from Alaska

A gingerbread house building party with Lisa & Jennifer
Seeing ICE at the Gaylord Texan with Abby & her family

and of course, finally celebrating Christmas

2010!  What a Year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Hope and A Prayer

So I mentioned a couple of days ago that this week was going to be busy.  I've decided to fess up about what I'm going to be doing so that y'all can pray for me...

I'm refinishing my Mom's kitchen cabinets (and maybe entertainment center and another cabinet/nook thingy).  As I told my friend Abby, "for some reason she thinks I can do this".  This could possibly be for a couple of reasons:  (1) I'm not really scared of projects, and (2) I re-did my own kitchen cabinets (just in a different way).

My Mom showed me Paula Deen's kitchen cabinets and said "I want that".  A blog that I follow, My Sweet Savannah, has recently re-done her's and they look similar to Paula's, so I'm copying her plan.

Here's a pic from My Sweet Savannah of her's (this is my goal)...

so say a little prayer for me, would ya?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Boxing Day Shopping

Did y'all go out shopping on the 26th?  I did, but only a little bit.  I didn't get too much.  I don't love crowds and I kind of lost my enthusiasm when a lady at Target shoved me out of the way so she could get to some cans of Poppycock without so much as an "excuse me".

Here's what I got: at Target, I got my year's supply of Scotch Tape like I do every year after Christmas.

I got some Nerds for 49 cents...

I got a box of these jewels for my bedroom tree for $3...
and two packs of silver snowflakes for the same tree for $1...
I bought this at Williams Sonoma for $4.98...
and I got a pink back for my Nook with a Barnes and Noble giftcard...
I tried to spend my Christmas money, but have had no luck.  I first looked for another pair of Ugg House Shoes at Nordstrom, but they were completely sold out of ever single style.  I then decided to buy a Garment Bag from Vera Bradley, but I called the VB store and they were out of "Twirly Bird Pink" and I had decided that was the one I wanted.  I thought about buying a charging dock at Ballard Designs that was on sale, but the $12 shipping turned me off.  I have also been perusing Louis Vuitton, but my Christmas funds are a few hundred short to fulfill my desires there!  So I guess I'll just take that all as a sign and save my money!

So if you hit the stores, what did you get?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

MIA & Christmas

I've been totally M.I.A. this week.  While I'd love to say that I had a wild hair and hopped a plane to somewhere beachy and tropical, that wasn't the case.  I wasn't really doing anything all that exciting.  I started the week back in Nocona.  I took my Meme to an appointment on Monday in Wichita Falls and then came back to McKinney that night.  Tuesday and Wednesday I worked and tried to get some things wrapped up, and then Thursday I drove back to Nocona.

On Thursday, I continued working on a project I started on Wednesday.  My Papa had to go to the nursing home a week and a half ago and I thought the room needed a little decoration.  So, I collected photos from the family and made a big corkboard of the family to hang in his room.  He loved it and said he wouldn't take a million dollars for it.  I told him if anyone offered, he should take the million 'cause I could make another one for a heck of a lot cheaper than that! 

On Friday (Christmas Eve), we started the day by celebrating little Milly's 4th Birthday! 

She loved her new donkey I gave her (it makes donkey sounds because she loves toys that "talk"). 
Lola watching the action
After that, we went to my other grandparents' house for lunch with the family.  My photo taking really slacked off after this, so I'm going to show what I've got!

This is my cousin's baby, Ethan (almost 1)
These two are Ethan's 3 year old twin brothers, Max & Zach (this was the best I got of these two, and don't ask me which is which)
My uncle Mark holding another cousin's baby, Judah
Mark's girls and my cousin's Maddie & Gracie
(who are in Hawaii as I type this...yep, I'm jealous!)
We went to church for Christmas Eve service.  I think we have one of the prettiest little churches you will ever run across, and since we were in charge of preparing communion and were there early, I took a few pics for you...
These pics really don't do it justice...

After church on Christmas Eve, we went to our annual Prime Rib dinner out at my parent's friends' house.  It was the best year ever!  The prime rib was perfect and there was a super rare piece for me! 

We got home really late, so we were kind of late opening presents this morning.  The dogs were the highlight of the events of course.

Our stockings get too heavy for Santa to hang.  Milly has the largest stocking (I guess 'cause she's the smallest?)...
The dogs got pink Snuggies

They weren't thrilled about them...

Lola got a new sweater...
We had a late lunch with my Meme.  My mom fried Quail and we had mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, salad, and my requested assortment of cakes...Red Velvet and Coconut.  It was super yummy!  Then I took my Meme by the Nursing Home to see Papa (today was also their 63rd Wedding Anniversary).  After that, I went and rearranged some of Meme's furniture.  Finally, I went back home, loaded my car and headed back to McKinney!

Whew!  So that's where I've been this week.  I'm sorry to report that this next week isn't going to be any better as far as the pace of the week goes, but I'll try to be better about checking in!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  I'll leave you with another pic of Lola, because, you know I just haven't posted enough of her already!


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