Sunday, January 30, 2011

Checking off the list..

This weekend I worked on my lists... my "to do" list and my Oscar films list. 

I cleaned out the entry closet and did a couple of other projects around the house.  I did a little decorating.  I put out Valentine's decorations (I'll show those in a few days), and I moved some glass containers from my bathroom to my kitchen.  These have been on the ledge by my bathtub for a few years filled with soap and bath salts, but I decided to move them to the kitchen.  Here they are behind my sink (not sure about whether these apples and pears will remain as their fillers)...

{sorry, iphone photo}

I watched an Oscar nominated film on Saturday night, so I can check off another one off the list.  I watched "Winter's Bone".  It won best picture at Sundance, but let me say that while I often like noir films, this one was just plain depressing.

Today I watched "Secretariat" on my Apple TV.  I wanted to try out renting a movie on my new love, my Apple TV, and I decided on Secretariat because it shows to be a "Very Long Wait" on netflix and I obviously knew the ending and knew that it would be happy, and I needed that to shake off the lasting effects of "Winter's Bone"

Now, I'm watching E!'s Live on the Red Carpet for the Screen Actors' Guild awards and gearing up for the actual awards later tonight.  You know awards season is one of my favorite "Seasons"!  

Updated:  Apparently watching Secretariat was a family event this weekend.  I just talked to my mom and learned that she and my dad watched and then my grandparents watched it too.  She had to walk my grandparents through their pay-per-view purchase but they were so excited to finally see it.  My grandfather raced horses, and Mom said before he watched it he was naming all the real people in the movie, and said that he had touched Secretariat. 



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