Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let it Snow!

It snowed!  Glorious snow!  But before I get to the snow, let me finally announce that all of my Christmas is down and put away. 

I started working on it Friday evening.  Friday I managed to get the Kitchen & Bedroom trees undecorated, the decorations put up and the trees thrown out into the garage.  On Saturday, I worked at trying  to organize my Holiday bins a little better and weeded through some stuff that I haven't used in years and made a Goodwill pile.  Then I went to work undecorating the living room tree and got everything put away.  After that, I cleaned house.

Today, I didn't have anything left on the have to do list (well other than laundry), and I was so excited that I could watch it snow all day! 

It started out raining.  Then it sleeted for a while.  And then the snow began!!!

Rain may slow Lola down, but not the snow...
She was on patrol even during what my Weather Channel app called "Heavy Snow"
Then she was ready to come inside...this is the "enough Mom" look
Several hours and 5 inches of snow later, we headed back out...
Did you know her "birth parents" names were Frosty & Snowball (real original names for white dogs)...
thank goodness for the pink collar so she doesn't blend right into the snow!
We LOVE the SNOW!!!!


Holly said...

She looks absolutely beautiful prancing around in the snow! <3

Ann said...

What fun!! I'm so jealous. Cold here, but dry.

The Ffrench's said...

We are getting snow today and freezing rain I am sure SG's school will be cancelled tomorrow.


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