Monday, January 24, 2011

Lola's Hissy Fit

I left my house for 1 hour this afternoon and Lola threw a hissy fit.  I had some mail on the coffee table that needed to be mailed out.  Included in that mail was a DVD that I watched yesterday and was sending back to Netflix.  When I got home, I found that one of the letters I had in the pile had been shredded as well as this....

Y'all!  My dog at my Netflix!


Emma said...

Oh no! Dogs are such rascals - our new puppy chewed up our remote and one of my sister's cell phones. (among other things) It's a good thing they're so cute! :)

I can't imagine being stuck without AC during a Texas heat wave! That sounds AWFUL. Thankfully, my heat is finally fixed!!!

I'll post about my apartment soon.
Have a great week!

Ann said...

They have to believe you. You have the pictures to prove it!

Kelsey Claire said...

Oh Lola! Don't you just wonder what goes through dogs head?

The Ffrench's said...

Oh no .... What did you do with you Netflix DVD ?


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