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Nothing but TV & Globes

I've gotten nothing done this weekend.  I did blow my nose approximately 537 times.  I gave Lola's muddy legs about 39 baths.  But other than that, I accomplished nothing other than lots of television time.  Here's how our weekend looked...
I watched all the Week 2 episodes of "In Treatment" (love that Gabriel Byrne, but then I've probably said that a time or ten around here).  I watched "Letters to Juliet", which was cuter than I expected.  I watched "Time Traveler's Wife", which was weirder than I expected it to be.  And I watched  the pièce de résistance, The Golden Globes last night and live tweeted them too.

I was so happy that Colin Firth (love that Colin Firth...probably said that before too right?) won for "The King's Speech".  I loved that Aaron Sorkin won best screenplay for "The Social Network".  My only disappointment was that "The King's Speech" didn't win for Best Movie.  I more than prepared to keep my mouth shut if "The Fighter" had won because I haven't seen it yet, but since I have seen "TSN" and "TKS", I feel that I should shout from the rooftops that this was a grave mistake!  Don't get me wrong, I thought "The Social Network" was one of the best of the year, but I thought "The King's Speech" was brilliant and divine. 

Well, that's my two cents about the awards, now onto the fashion!  In some cases, I pair a photo here with my "live tweet" from last night.  In other cases, I'll just tell you what I think in "real time".

First My Tweets Coming to Life...

Helena Bonham Carters hair is what you see when u look up rat's nest in the dictionary. #goldenglobe

Jake Gyllenhaal has arrived looking adorable as Taylor Swift cries in front of her tv somewhere. #goldenglobes #badbreakup

Olivia Wilde's dress made me swoon! #goldenglobes

(p.s. I hear this was chocolate brown)

I see Christian Bale took his grooming tips from the homeless guy under the bridge. #goldenglobes

Michelle Williams' Valentino sadly looks like a home economics project. #goldenglobes #unfortunate

Tilda Sinton's dress is a joke, right? I mean, no serious designer designed that mess? #dressfail #goldenglobes

I also wanted to say that if Michelle Williams dress looks like a home-ec project, Tilda's dress looks like a troop of Brownies somewhere earned a sewing badge for producing it.

Now some other looks that I didn't tweet about:


Sofia Vegara in Vera Wang

Eva Longoria in Zac Posen


You know I tweeted my love for it, but Olivia Wilde in Marchesa was off the charts in my opinion

Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive
and you have to see the back...

great work Rachel Zoe!

Angie in Versace
a back shot...
Lots of people weren't loving Angie's dress, but I thought she was stunning (but then maybe this shouldn't be the standard because she would be stunning in a potato sack)

Gorgeous Couples

Colin Firth & his Italian wifey
I'm so conflicted on whether these two should be allowed to walk together on the carpet.  Isn't there a level of hotness that is too great for people to bare?  Like seeing them together is like staring at the sun or something?
Did anyone see her fixing his tie during the show... I died!
Jon & Jennifer

Did anyone see the 60 minutes piece on Mark Walhberg?  Fascinating. And he aint too bad to look at either.
Nicole & Keith


I had high hopes for Leighton Meester, and though I lived Anne & Angie's 80's throwback dresses, this one didn't work for me...

Scar-Jo should have really amped it up seeing as she recently split from her hotter than hot hubby, but alas we got this instead...
In fairness, I'm on the fence about the dress, but the bride of frankenstein hair, just made it all so wrong

and speaking of hair, I could not get past Sandy's heavy bangs.  Ick!

I wasn't feeling this red sparkly rose on Natalie Portman either.

That's my Globes recap.  Did you watch?  What did you think?  Who did you love/hate?


courtney said…
Helena Bonham Carter--typical.

Olivia Wilde--agree with you, beautiful!

Tilda Swinton--TERRIBLE dress and horribly misfitting! btw, tilda, it's okay to occasionally NOT go for the "i-have-a-stomach-bug" look! mix in some blush!

Anne Hathaway and Angelina Jolie--sorry, but I just wasn't feeling it. I was so hoping they would break out in a cat fight a la Krystal and Alexis. I. HATE. SHOULDER. PADS!!

Sandra Bullock--ugh, that hair! awful!

My loves were Catherine Zeta Jones, Amy Adams, Megan Fox, and Emma
Emilymud said…
Hope your feeling better...but isn't it kind of fun to lay around just one weekend! Love the pic of Lola watching tv!
Abby said…
I didn't watch any of it! So sad for me that I live in a hostile globes house!

I do not like Anne or Angie's dresses...the eighty's should be left there. I think Anne is very pretty but I always remember her in bad dresses.

What in the world happened to SANDY? You must be kidding me!! How did she go from on top of the world to she's been hanging with Scar Jo's super fine ex husband (I so love him and even though she denies it, I would SOOOO love for them to be together)...Kick it up a notch sister!!

Oh my goodness, who in the world is the stylist for the potato sack girl....I hope she never gets another job again! ICK!!
Mom said…
I couldn't stand Sandra's hair! What happened to her?
Ann said…
I didn't watch the Golden Globes, but I agree with everything you said- except I didn't like Angelina's dress. BUT, I don't like Angelina, so I may be biased on the whole subject. HATE Sandra's hair. What was she thinking??

Going to see the King's Speech on Friday. I can't wait. It FINALLY made it to Lubbock.

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