Saturday, January 22, 2011


What are y'all doing on this lovely Saturday?

I tried some new eye cream last night, so my eyes are swelled up like elephant man this morning. I should know better!

I'm not leaving the house until I look normal again, so why not do laundry & clean out the DVR between loads. Just watching some tv between schnauzer ears...


Holly said...

Oh no, her hair looks so short. :(

But those little ears look so cute sitting straight up!

Emilymud said...

Well I did the horrid thing of going to the Coach outlet today after a rather (read with sarcasm) exciting baby shower. It was OUT OF CONTROL in there, but I managed to walk away with 3 purses. Yikes

Oh and you will never believe it but BRIAN won that silly gift card. I am holding him to the linens comment! HA HA Good luck with your new eye cream! Hope tomorrow is better.


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