Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow & Tweets

Today we took kind of a snow day.  The receptionists didn't come to the office until noon, so I just fielded some calls from home this afternoon.  It was nice.  Still lots of snow and ice around here, and I think it is adorable how Lola jumps through the snow like a bunny.  I caught a small bit of it on video today, so here it is (it's only like an 8 second video)...


In other news, I have watched The Bachelor the past two "seasons" for one reason only...Jennifer Weiner.  Who's she?  She is one of my favorite authors and she tweets her way through every single episode.  I love to follow her tweets of The Bachelor.  They are funny and snarky and make me laugh. 

Tonight I send JW a tweet and asked if she had noticed that one of the bacheloretts kept harping on the fact that she "quit my job for him" and that she said it like she was secretary of state, not a waitress like she really is.  She sent me a reply and said "@legallyblondekf I'm sure that bar she left had a terrible time finding someone else to wear a bikini and hand out shots. #bachelor".  I love that you can tweet "famous" people and they sometimes tweet you back!


courtney said...

that's so cool! i love jennifer weiner's books, too! i must look into this thing they call "twitter". ;)

Debbie said...

That is so fun! Maybe that is what I need to do to fully bond with twitter:)

Ann said...

So very cool that she tweeted you back!! I may have to look into twitter too. Not sure what I have to tweet about. I don't think anyone cares if I picking up kids' toys for the 100th time in one day. :)

Lindsay said...

Oh that is awesome that she replied to your tweet : ) I love her books too and now will be going to find her on Twitter! I wasn't going to watch this season bc I get tired of "all the walls that need broken down" but when I heard that Brad was going to be the bachelor I couldn't resist.


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