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Weekend wrap-up

I've had a fairly uneventful weekend thus far, but that's nothing new for me.  Maybe it is teaching 4 classes at night in addition to the legal work, but I feel like dropping by Friday afternoon and am fairly unmotivated to do anything "exciting" on the weekend.

I worked really hard at cleaning out my DVR build-up from the week though.  All I can say is...LOVING HDTV!  Loving it!

I also read a book.  I'm trying to make myself read all of the "real" books I have but haven't read yet before buying any more books on my Nook.  Back when I made my mom get rid of the 379 Danielle Steel books that she owned, I kept 5 of them that were of interest to me.  Last week I read...

This week I read...

They were both okay.  It's not like reading a Danielle Steel book is going to change your life or anything, but they were good enough for an enjoyable easy read. 

I also fixed my front door.  It had been sticking and would barely open.  I was sick of it and decid…

Joining the 21st Century

This week I decided to join the 21st Century and get a new flat screen HDTV! 

I've been in the market for one for over 2 years.  While I haven't had the benefit of a cool tv for that time period, the wait has allowed me to watch prices virtually plummet, comparatively speaking, and new things come onto the market. 

I would like to claim that I rushed out and bought one before my version of the super bowl, The Oscars and the red carpet reports that go along with the show, but that wasn't the case.  Also, the once every decade or so, royal wedding is coming up, but that wasn't the reason either.  There were several factors that finally made now the right time, but the two biggies were that (1) I now have a tv stand that will support a new tv and (2) I saw a pretty good sale on them at Best Buy.

So I got a new 46 inch Samsung.  I picked it up on Tuesday, but had to wait for some assistance to move the old one, etc.  It's going now, I'm loving it.  I'm just so…

...but until then...

I  bought myself something exciting yesterday.  I will share the photos and details tomorrow, but until then, I'm leaving you with photos of my Lola.  Most were taken during the last winter storm, but I think I was just "SO OVER" the whole winter weather events, that I didn't download them off of my computer until this week.  Some were really cute too!

I caught her mid-bark in this shot.  She was on patrol and heard something that she needed to warn to "stay away from her house".  Doesn't she look ferocious? We don't see icicles like this in Texas very often. This was taken today.  She likes her new caterpillar.

Less than a week 'til Oscar

For those of you Hollywood/Red Carpet/Award Show/Movie obsessed people like me out there, you must be getting excited like I am that we are a less than a week away from Oscar!  You should check out March's Vanity Fair

It's full of great Hollywood stories & photos.  One article is about Harvey Weinstein.  Did you know that Harvey Weinstein is married to Georgina Chapman (one of the founders of Marchesa)?  I cannot believe I didn't know that.  I haven't been able to fully wrap my brain around it.

Back to the Oscars...I have failed to see all the movies (darn them for increasing it to 10 nominees!).  I had hoped to get to the movies to see The Fighter, but they quit showing it at the theatre closest to me, so that hasn't happened.  I also have had Inception at my house on DVD for a few weeks, but haven't found the motivation to watch it yet.

5 days and counting!


Y'all know I read a lot, but one author that I always rush to the bookstore and grab her books the day they come out, is Emily Giffin. A couple of times, I've even gone to her book signings...

Just a side note here, she has lived my dream life: Went to law school, was a lawyer, quit being a lawyer, moved to London to write, became successful writer and now lives back in the USA where her books are being made into movies and she is schmoozing with celebrities like Kate Hudson, Collin Egglesfield and John Krasinski just to name a few.

I always really like her books, but some I really love. I LOVED the "something" series...

Something Borrowed
Something Blue Something Borrowed has been made into a movie, which comes out on May 6th, and I couldn't be more excited about it.  I often hold off the excitement about a favorite book being made into a film, but after hearing Emily talk about it at her book signing and reading her tweets about it, I'm taking the risk and …

Celebrating Six

Yesterday was all about celebrating Lola turning 6, and celebrate we did!  When your little pup is not the healthiest of pups, it's even more reason to celebrate another year, so we did it up right!  Here are our celebration in pics...

Here's our "Good-bye 5" photo from Wednesday night... and our "Hello 6" photo from Thursday morning {note sleepy Lola} Since I didn't have class on Wednesday night, I decided to make some cookies for Lola's Birthday Celebration....
{for the people celebrating of course, not the pooch} Pink Bones... And little Lolas... Then it was present time... What could it be? A gift card, new bones...  and a very hungry caterpillar A spoiled puppy lives here...


Seis, Chwe, Sechs, Kuusi, Seks, Zes, Sest...they all spell SIX!  This language lesson was brought to you today because, Miss Lola Marie is SIX!

Baby Lola Marie...April 2005 All grown up, but still smelling the flowers! Happy Birthday Lola!


I went to Walmart today and discovered that they grossly over-purchased flowers for Valentine's Day.  The vast majority were  pretty haggard looking, but there were a few bunches of tulips that were perfect.  Now for the best part...they were half price!

So I purchased some V-day leftovers for $2.50 a bunch!  They brightened my living room and Lola likes them too! 

From me to you...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday's Project

I have a buffet in my breakfast room.  I keep a really random assortment of junk in it.  It really needs to be organized and cleaned out, but that's a project for another day. 

Yesterday, I worked on the shelf that's in the middle of the buffet. The bottom shelf has always housed cookbooks, but the top shelf was always too short to use for the books.  It was movable, but would only move up, which obviously didn't help.  I stored my teapot and tea tray there, which was nice, but I always hated that I couldn't have two shelves that could both store cookbooks.  So yesterday, after 6+ years of wishing it was different, it hit me.  Why don't I get the drill out and drill some new holes so that I can move the shelf down!

Here's how it has been {really this was after the shelf was moved down, but this is how it's been displayed} Now after.... I ended up drilling the holes a little higher than I intended.  It was kind of hard to drill sideways, so they slipped up just…

Saturday Morning Confessions

Here's my Saturday Morning Confession:  I watch too much tv.  I'm admitting it.  It's not a good thing, but it's not something that I'm willing to change right now.  I read a lot too, so in my mind, as long as I still read a lot and don't just zone out in front of the tv for all of my free/waking hours, then it's okay.

Here's the breakdown of the embarrassing facts (just so you know I'm not kidding)...
{Daily Television Watched} 
General Hospital (though often I watch in fast forward mode) Oprah (well I record daily and watch when I'm interested) CNN...lots of CNN~ I always watch AC360 and usually have it on throughout the day The Daily Show Nightline
{Primetime Television} 
Sundays~ Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters Mondays~ House, 90210, Gossip Girl, Castle Tuesdays~ NCIS, One Tree Hill, Parenthood, The Good Wife Wednesdays~ Modern Family, Mr. Sunshine, Off The Map, Blue Bloods Thursdays~ The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Royal Pains, Private Pr…

Why I'm Hating On Thursday

I currently am hating on today and here is why:

~I'm tired.  I'm ready for the week to be over (yes, yesterday was a snow day).

~I have two classes to teach on Thursday nights, so I'm basically at school from 5:30 to 10.  This is problematic because of the tired thing I already mentioned.

~I needed a haircut (and color) on Wednesday.

Homebound Again

We are in the throes on another winter weather event.  As long as you don't have to be outside in the bitter cold, it's not too bad.  In fact, I'm kind of getting used to this day (or more) off in the middle of the week where I can curl up under a blanket, with a schnauzer snoring in my ear, and watch all the shows that have been building up in my DVR. 

We certainly didn't get the 3-5 inches of snow they were predicting, but we did get a nice layer of ice with a little bit of snow on top.  I'm not sure what changed so that we didn't get all the snow.  Wait.  Yes I do.  I went to the grocery store and stocked up yesterday!  Guarantee you that if I hadn't, we would have been snowed in for a week.  The good news is that this "event" won't last as long as the one last week, as we have 60 degree temps in the forecast for the weekend.

I did have to change my hair appointment from today to next Friday, but I'm thinking that it's a fair trade…

Monday List

Nothing big, just a few things on my mind today...

(1) No, I didn't see any super bowl commercials.  I only saw: some of the game, Christina butcher the National Anthem, and the half time show.  I kind of don't "get" The Black Eyed Peas.  I like a few of their songs, but I'm just generally confused by their names and all the periods used in their names.  My favorite part of the show was the cameo by Slash. 

(2) Speaking of the show...If you follow me on twitter, forgive the repeat story, but tonight I was talking to my grandmother on the phone and she says "I wasn't very impressed with the M&M's".  I say Who?, at which point I hear my grandfather say "They're Black Eyed Peas".  My grandmother then says "Well whatever, I wasn't impressed" and then added "well there is someone called an M&M".  I didn't explain any further. 

(3) I'm sad that I forgot to let Lola watch some of the puppy bowl.  …

Valentine's Day Decorations

My house is all decorated for Valentine's Day, not because I particularly love Valentine's Day, but because decorating just seems to be what I do.  Every year when I pull out my Valentine's decorations, I think I really need to buy some more decorations.  I used to have more, but I dropped a  plastic tub when moving some decorations around and some things broke, and I haven't really replaced them.

My Valentine's tree...
I was going to go to Hobby Lobby and get some ribbon for a bow on top, but then I got trapped in my house for days, so you'll just have to pretend like there is a bow topper The mantle A closer look at each side
There are some seasonal towels in the kitchen...
and guest bath The front isn't elaborate, just a few wooden hearts on the door and a flag I do have a couple of new additions to the mantle.  I got this votive cup on sale after Christmas.  I decided to use it for V-day too. This isn't new, but it's been living in Nocona for quite a…

A Shut-in no more

Today the temperature has hit 43 degrees and the sun is shining!  It feels so warm!  I went out and shoveled off some of the snow on my driveway.  I thought if I could get the snow out of the way, then maybe the ice would melt off.  Aside from me essentially doing the splits, the plan worked pretty well.

After a few hours, I was able to get out and go to Walmart.  It was nuts.  There were people packed in there, and unfortunately, the groceries were not equally packed in there...

This was the egg case.  No eggs, just a sign saying "no eggs".  Way to state the obvious Walmart.
While Walmart is not normally my idea of an exciting outing, I was excited to get out today.  I did slide a little getting back up my driveway, but I made it into the garage.

Lola and I have just spent the day watching more tv.  I've cleaned out my DVR and have moved on to watching Pillars of the Earth on Starz on demand.  I thought the book was great, so I thought to give the mini-series a go.