Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ice Day {3}

Today is a complete ice day again.  The schools are all closed, including the college where I teach.  The county closed also, so the go to court or not go to court question was solved.  They claimed the county closing wasn't due to the icy roads, but "due to possible rolling power outages and reduce energy usage during peak demand periods".  Okay.  Whatever. 

I decided I was in the baking mood.  I combed through cookbooks last night only to then discover that I had but one stick of butter in the house.  A catastrophe, a true catastrophe I tell you!  You can bet that as soon as I can get out of my driveway, I'll be making a trip to the store to stock up on butter. 

So fingers are crossed that we don't experience any of the blackouts today.  I like my electricity very much and do not wish to be without it.  Probably a more true statement is I like my television and do not wish to be without it

Speaking of television, I was glued to the Egypt coverage yesterday.  Things were getting dicey folks!  Katie Couric was very close to being maced, Christiane Amanpour was told by a mob that they hated her and she needed to leave, but the total crazy was surrounding my favorite silver fox, Anderson Cooper.  He was punched over 10 times.  A total chaotic scene that he managed to capture on his flip.  He had found a safe place for the broadcast of AC360, but it became very unsafe just before airtime, so he ended up broadcasting while hunkered down on the floor of an undisclosed building, without professional lights, and the door barricaded.  Then they kept cutting to Ivan Watson (if you are a CNN junkie like me, you know Ivan's always in a hotspot).  He was in the square and there was constant gunfire.  Total nutso.  I was stressing!

I may be cracking up due to cabin fever though, because in all that chaos yesterday, there was some footage of the melee that struck me as humorous (and I recognize it wasn't really funny)...
Some of the Mubarak supporters rode in on horses and camels.  I found the sight of the camels racing in to the square in Egypt to be so stereotypical that it was almost funny.  Imagine a huge ruckus in Dallas, and then you see cowboys ride in on their horses with their six shooters gleaming.  It's kind of the same thing.

So today, I'm not baking due to the butter shortage of 2011 (I made these instead), but I am reading, and watching more tv.  Stay sane.  Stay warm.


Ann said...

Kara- LOVE the picture of the horse and camel. A great laugh!! And I am so glad I didn't go into journalism- becuase I just couldn't tolerate such conditions. The butter shortage of 2011 is about all I can handle!

Emilymud said...

Yes another day of doing nothing! I am telling you I could get use to this way of life! Ha. Love the pic I too think it is kind of funny....enjoy your day off!

Emilymud said...
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Abby said...

That camel is hilarious. Brian makes fun of me because I pick up butter at the store all the time, and we clearly never need it. But we have made cookies, brownies, and maybe cupcakes today, so clearly it comes in handy!!

courtney said...

I am warm, but so not sane. Before two days ago, my sanity was questionable, but at this point I have gone totally Jack Nicholson in the Shining.

We actually did get out for a little bit earlier--Chick-fil-A and Target. It was SOOOOO worth it!!


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