Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It was 75 degrees all weekend.  Today, so far, it has thunder sleeted, snowed a few flakes, and it is currently 18 degrees and falling.  The windchill this afternoon is suppose to be 0 to -10 degrees, and the actual low tomorrow morning is suppose to be 9 degrees.  We are not suppose to get above 30 degrees until Friday.  Where am I?  Texas of course! 

We are having a "snow day" today, but we are technically iced in.  To clarify:  I love snow, I hate ice.  I hate being iced in.  It's not even pretty.  See puppy prints in sleet, is the best in photos that I have to offer.

EVERYTHING around here is closed.  The cities, the counties, the schools, including my school.  I was looking forward to sleeping late this morning, but the storm woke me up at about 4:45, and well, I couldn't go back to sleep. So I've watched lots of local tv this morning with a few forays into CNN & MSNBC for Morning Joe earlier.  We are just trying to stay warm and are sad to think about my poor Dad out driving and working in this mess (they have way more mess up there than we do here). 

Here are some of my observations about this morning's local tv:

Our local channels began running at 4'ish this morning and felt the need to go right on through Good Morning America.  Ummm.... the weather is bad.  Got it.  Would really like to see if something else is going on in the world.  Maybe some country is in the middle of an uprising or something.  Maybe another country's King has fired his government and started afresh.  Who knows what could be happening out there, but all I've seen is the same traffic cameras of a couple of interchanges and overpasses all darn morning.  Oh and the riveting chopper camera views of the Green Bay Packers going from their hotel to Jerry's World for press day.

The same said local channel runs every kind of closing known to man.  We don't need a scroll at the bottom of the screen with every single daycare facility in the DFW metroplex that is closed.  We just don't.  It should be public schools, cities, counties and colleges.  That's it.  And for some small law firm that always likes to put it's closing or delays on there, I doubt you have some many appointments or employees that you couldn't call them.  This isn't a free advertising opportunity.

For all the places that started out the morning saying "delayed opening 10 a.m."...why the face?  How do you think that when liquid material is still falling from the sky, and the temperatures are still falling, things are going to be better by 10 a.m.?  You are idiots. 

I went on the internet and looked up a complete listing of closures, and there is a category for "web businesses".  huh?  Web businesses need to close down?  Does the internet get icy too?

Thanks for listening,

Grouchy from her Couch


Abby said...

Why the Face is my favorite "". This whole post cracked me up. I vividly recall them only playing pictures of the road when we lived there.

We are busy hunkering down for cold here, it's dominating our news too! Live feeds from the Home Depot where we should be protecting the three p's. Pipes, Plants, and Pets!!

courtney said...

NOTHING whips me more than the weather news coverage! i'm not a GMA watcher, but i watch the today show and channel 5 went from 4am til noon today. ugh! we get it--it's cold! plus, who are they talking to?? those of us at home able to watch tv KNOW we shouldn't get out--and those idiots out driving around aren't watching tv and can't hear your million hour coverage!!

Ann said...

Same story here in Lubbock. You would think we should be surprised it is cold in February. Much adoo about nothing!!

Love the comment about web businesses. So true!!

Amanda said...

The end of this post made me laugh! "Does the internet get icy?" HAHAHAHA!


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