Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday List

Nothing big, just a few things on my mind today...

(1) No, I didn't see any super bowl commercials.  I only saw: some of the game, Christina butcher the National Anthem, and the half time show.  I kind of don't "get" The Black Eyed Peas.  I like a few of their songs, but I'm just generally confused by their names and all the periods used in their names.  My favorite part of the show was the cameo by Slash. 

(2) Speaking of the show...If you follow me on twitter, forgive the repeat story, but tonight I was talking to my grandmother on the phone and she says "I wasn't very impressed with the M&M's".  I say Who?, at which point I hear my grandfather say "They're Black Eyed Peas".  My grandmother then says "Well whatever, I wasn't impressed" and then added "well there is someone called an M&M".  I didn't explain any further. 

(3) I'm sad that I forgot to let Lola watch some of the puppy bowl.  It's always her favorite.

(4) We're about to have another Winter Weather Event on Wednesday which totally sucks because (1) I don't have enough food on hand to be a shut-in for days again and (2) I have a hair appointment on Wednesday!  I guess tomorrow I will have to call and try to change my hair appointment (fingers crossed and prayers accepted here folks), and go to the grocery store. 

(5) I love the genius button on my itunes.  Tonight, while coming to and from class, I listened to Guns 'n Roses, Warrant, Poison, Cinderella and Skid Row.  Hello...I'm in Junior High again!  Thank you genius, I love you!

(6) When you are 34 and do the splits on ice, your hip gets a little sore. 


Scrappy Girl said...

I lvoe your grandparents comments. Cute. I must disagree with ya for a moment though...Will.I.Am is fantastic! Ouch for Christina though.

Ann said...

Hate that a winter event may interfere with your hair appointment. And I'm really worried about the grocery store situation! Let us know.

And, when a 36 year old falls on the ice, her knee turns lovely shades of blue and green- and her face very red! Hypothetically speaking of course.

Abby said...

I love that your grandma knows their is someone called M&M (he was in a commerical!).

I loved the Darth Vader one, and I liked Audi add. I thought the others that people say are good were terrible!

Glee was the highlight of my night! Love them!

If 34 and 36 suck you should know that 35 isn't any picnic eithr. So get ready! Splits haven't been good for me in two decades!

You know I am praying for your hair, you can always order Pizza if the grocery store thing goes south for you!

Tami said...

Hey from a new follower and fellow Schnauzer Mommy! :) Your little Lola is adorable!


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