Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Shut-in no more

Today the temperature has hit 43 degrees and the sun is shining!  It feels so warm!  I went out and shoveled off some of the snow on my driveway.  I thought if I could get the snow out of the way, then maybe the ice would melt off.  Aside from me essentially doing the splits, the plan worked pretty well.

After a few hours, I was able to get out and go to Walmart.  It was nuts.  There were people packed in there, and unfortunately, the groceries were not equally packed in there...

This was the egg case.  No eggs, just a sign saying "no eggs".  Way to state the obvious Walmart.

While Walmart is not normally my idea of an exciting outing, I was excited to get out today.  I did slide a little getting back up my driveway, but I made it into the garage.

Lola and I have just spent the day watching more tv.  I've cleaned out my DVR and have moved on to watching Pillars of the Earth on Starz on demand.  I thought the book was great, so I thought to give the mini-series a go.
    This photo really has nothing to do with anything, I just think Lola is adorable the way she carries her Ellie around.  She normally drops Ellie the second I try to take a photo of her doing this, but she didn't today.


Emilymud said...

I'm shocked at your Walmart pic. I went to Kroger and it was FULL of food! I was expecting it to look like your Walmart but was happily surprised. How fun to actually spend a day out of the house!

mom said...

Lola's beard looks like Milly's in the pic.

The Ffrench's said...

Yeah for escaping the house :)

Ann said...

I'm shocked by the Walmart picture too. Wow!! But the important question- did you get butter???


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