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It's all about the dress...

I mean I guess it's really all about getting married, but come on, you always anticipate the dress right?  Well holy moly folks!  Today a big secret was released to the press.  No, we still don't know which dress or tiara Kate will be wearing, but we heard for the first time that Princess Diana had a back-up dress!  Here are some of the pictures and sketches...

Real dress on Left~ Back-up on the Right Here are the sketches of the back-up dress

And you know what?  I like the back-up dress better than the one she wore!  I know, I know.  I'm going to get blasted for saying that, but I'll just confess it right now... My name is Kara and I've never thought Princess Diana's dress was all that and a bag of chips.  Nope.  Not my favorite Royal Wedding Dress by any stretch of the imagination.  What is my favorite?  Probably the one that Sarah Ferguson wore when she married Andrew...
It had beautiful beading and stitching throughout.  Also on the train it had an "A&quo…

It's an epidemic!

I have noticed a very disturbing trend in marketing.  This trend is everywhere!  It's on television.  It's in almost every magazine I've picked up recently.  Maybe you've noticed it too, though it might not have hit you over the head like it has me.  In fact every single time I've run across this trend, I've almost hyperventilate, so as you can imagine, that tends to make one take notice.

What the heck am I talking about? 

Frogs.  They are my largest phobia in life and the darn things are turning up everywhere!  Why are they the go to critter for marketing these days?  And don't even get me started on the one that Jack Hannah pulled out on Letterman last night.  Horrid creature was as big as Lola, I swear!  It almost caused me to have a heart attack right there in bed, and I only saw it for 3 seconds before I changed the channel in a shear panic.  People ought to get a warning before something like that!

I've always had this phobia.  It goes as far bac…

More Painting

Friday I went to Nocona to do some painting.  I drove up after I was done with court.  On the way, I drive through my grandparents little town.  Big news!  They got a traffic light...their first.  So metropolitan! 

Once I got there, Mom spent some time showing me all the bathroom supplies that have come in since I was last there.  Then we discussed a rearrangement of the utility room/tanning room/exercise room to make room for an elliptical machine my dad is getting.  Then much to my Dad and his friend's chagrin, we put our plan into action and they had to move the tanning bed.  It all looks much better and is more functional.

Then the paining was on.  And I painted, and painted and painted.  I think that the new color looks great on the walls.  We also painted their entertainment cabinet and another cabinet to match the kitchen cabinets and I antiqued them the same way.

Mom had already started moving some things when I took the before photos, and the trim/doors haven't been…


This has just been the most boring week in history!  Nothing interesting to blog about at all!  I'm currently in my class blogging (teacher of the year award here!).  I'm showing a documentary on the Obama campaign.  It's the 3rd time I've seen it this week, and about the 15th time I've seen it in total, so that helps explain my lack of attentiveness.

Tomorrow I'm going to Nocona to help my Mom paint.  You may recall that at the end December/early January, I went and re-did her kitchen cabinets.  That project turned out great, but it created the project I'm going to do this weekend.  You see, her walls in the living/dining/kitchen were a really pretty light creamy yellow, but after we did the cabinets in an oatmeal color, the wall color just blended right in.  So, I'm going to help my Mom paint her living/dining/and kitchen this weekend. 

Their house is undergoing what I'm going to call an "Extreme Home Makeover" because when all is said …

Royal Wedding Supplies

I told you last week that I'm having such a hard time finding British party supplies for the Royal Watch Party I'm hosting.  Looking for napkins and plates...nada.  However, if I'd like a commemorative refrigerator, well that my friends, is available...

Now, I consider myself to be a little over the top.  I am hosting a watch party after all (though I'm suspecting scant attendance).  I'd even quite fancy a commemorative tea towel or piece of China marking the special day, but a refrigerator...come on!
I have actual located a US store online that is selling party supplies for the occasion... Plum Party
They have some of the adorable stuff that the Middleton's are selling on their website Party Pieces (but of course I wasn't going to pay to ship it overseas!)
Paper Plates that look like fancy Royal china Napkins
Really Official Napkins
Bunting (love the Corgis)
Cupcake Decorations

and special tea bags!
Wills & Kate
or you can include the whole family

I'll have to…

Copy-Cat Recipe

You may recall that I've mentioned my love for Red, Hot & Blue's Potato Salad a time or twenty!  My friend Jennifer located a copy-cat recipe online last weekend and e-mailed it to me.  Of course I had to make it immediately!

It has a shockingly small amount of ingredients to be so good!  I'll post the recipe I copied below, but I'll just let you know that I didn't really measure anything when making mine...

First, I steamed some Red Potatoes While those were steaming, I boiled some eggs.  Then I chopped up those eggs and some green onions. Once the potatoes were ready, I chopped them up into chunks.  Then I mixed in the mayonnaise, stirred in the onions, eggs and celery seed. Thankfully, Red, Hot & Blue Potato Salad is served room temperature, so I didn't have to wait for it to chill! 
I served it up with some Fried Chicken (cold by the cold fried chicken!) and dug in!  Yum-O!
Here's the Recipe I copied with my notes to the side:

2- 2 1/2 l…

Thursday's Thoughts

Nothing much going on here, so just some thoughts:

(1) I'm on Spring Break!  Yes, I have been on "school spring break" all week, so I haven't had classes, but I took Thursday and Friday off this week.  I have done an astonishing amount of nothing today!  It's been so nice.

(2) Ryan Star is opening for Bon Jovi tonight in San Antonio and I feel sad that I'm not there :-(

(3) Whenever I am watching an entertainment show, reading an entertainment website, or reading a magazine and I don't recognize a particular celebrity, I just assume they are on Glee.  'Cause you know, I'm the only person in America who doesn't watch Glee.

(4) I'm planning a Royal Wedding watch party.  It's likely to begin around 4 a.m., so that presents a few challenges.  There is an ridiculous lack of British theme party supplies available in this country!  I called my go-to party supply store down in Dallas and they came up with a few things like flags, picks, etc., …

Tulip Overload

This morning I went to the arboretum with Lisa and Jennifer.  It wasn't the best of days to go.  It was a little overcast part of the time and the temperature was in the 40's.  However, it was when we had scheduled the time to go, and it certainly wasn't crowded. 

Everything looked lovely.  I didn't think it was as great as last year, but maybe that was just the weather.

A new tulip was there this year...

These pink tulips were huge!  Seriously, each tulip was as large as your hand, or at least my hand, which is a really big hand!
Ranunculus are one of my favorite two flowers and they were in pots everywhere!