Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bad, bad blogger

So I've been MIA from the blogworld this week. No real good reason why other than, I've been kind of busy on both of my work fronts. 

So Oscar.  I think that Anne Hathaway and James Franco have gotten a bum wrap.  Were they they most fabulous hosts?  No.  But they were exactly what I expected them to be way back when I heard they were picked as hosts.  You don't  bring a magician to a party and expect him to play the cello.  That's all I'm saying.  I did think that all 7 of Anne's looks were beautiful.  I also really liked Mandy Moore...

Gwyneth Paltrow...
and Jennifer Lawrence... 

I'm not usually a Calvin Klein fan, but I was on Sunday night. 

I thought Sandra looked good as well, but she needed a necklace to achieve perfection.  Needless to say, I was over the moon about the success of The King's Speech.  So happy that the best picture screw-up from the Golden Globes was rectified!  And Colin...swoon!

On another note, I'm pretty keyed up that my CW shoes on are hiatus until mid-April.  Mid-April!  No Gossip Girl for over a month!  Sucks.  This totally sucks.  And just when we were on the cusp of a Blair Waldorff-Dan Humprey relationship (?)!  So hateful CW, so hateful!

Finally, I'm excited that a new SOBO trailer has been released.  I like this trailer better than the first, and I'm ready to see it May 6th!


courtney said...

i've been *patiently waiting* for your oscar's post!!

LOVED mandy moore's dress. it might have been my fave of the night and i haven't heard it talked about very much. this is going to sound so ugly, but i can't stand gwyneth paltrow. at all. i thought she looked good, but she was no wear near the top of my list b/c i just can't stand her. (i know, i'm mean!)

i think the main problem with james franco and anne hathaway was that they just had TERRIBLE chemistry together! it's like they had just met 5 minutes before the show. i really think they need to stick to leaving the hosting gig with a comedian.

Abby said...

I have so been waiting (not patiently) for your oscar post! I have to agree, both of them are just kind of blah to begin with. I always want to love Anne (and I do in most of her movies) but she always disappoints in interviews.

Just finished reading both Something books. Clearly I loved them! So now that I'm a book reader and a movie watcher, I'm going to go out and see the movie!! I know who put this person in my body!!

The Ffrench's said...

I thought the same about Gossip Girl when at the end they said new shows coming 4-18 ... WHAT WHAT .. I could not believe my freaking ears :(


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