Thursday, March 24, 2011


This has just been the most boring week in history!  Nothing interesting to blog about at all!  I'm currently in my class blogging (teacher of the year award here!).  I'm showing a documentary on the Obama campaign.  It's the 3rd time I've seen it this week, and about the 15th time I've seen it in total, so that helps explain my lack of attentiveness.

Tomorrow I'm going to Nocona to help my Mom paint.  You may recall that at the end December/early January, I went and re-did her kitchen cabinets.  That project turned out great, but it created the project I'm going to do this weekend.  You see, her walls in the living/dining/kitchen were a really pretty light creamy yellow, but after we did the cabinets in an oatmeal color, the wall color just blended right in.  So, I'm going to help my Mom paint her living/dining/and kitchen this weekend. 

Their house is undergoing what I'm going to call an "Extreme Home Makeover" because when all is said and done, I don't think that one room will remain untouched.  Sometime within the next month, both bathrooms are being completely gutted and re-done.  Their bedroom will be getting a new coat of paint as part of the remodel also because doors are being walled in and moved due to the changes in the bathrooms.  Then all the other bedrooms are getting new doors to match the remodeled doors.  And I think I heard my Mom mention painting the utility room as well...I guess because everything else is getting freshly re-done.  Whew!  That's lots of painting going on!  So I'm going in to visit the grandparents (except for Meme who is on a little trip), eat at the Peach Orchard (I hope) and do a little painting. 


Ann said...

You are going to be so busy!! Make sure you show us the before and after pics. I hope your arms aren't terribly sore on Monday!! (I know mine would be.)


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