Friday, March 4, 2011

Fabulous Friday!

I've had the most fabulous Friday!  I didn't have anything scheduled in court, so that was a great start.  After I did a bit of work, I headed down to Dallas.  I haven't made the 30 mile trip in forever it seems.  I had lunch at Red Hot & Blue (yum) and then hit up Neiman's. 

At Neiman's, I fondled some Louis Vuitton totes, put them on my shoulder, looked in the mirror, drooled and then walked away thinking that I really need to win Mega Millions.  Then I went down to the Trish McEvoy counter to take advantage of Beauty Week, which was the purpose of my trip.  For those not familiar, Beauty Week is a glorious time that happens at Neiman's twice a year when you get a cute tote filled with samples if you spend a certain amount.  Also, most of the brands run their own GWP (gift with purchase).  I was fairly well behaved.  I only spent pennies over what I need to to take advantage of both Beauty Week and the GWP.

My Beauty Week Tote of goodies

My Trish GWP filled with travel size skincare products and my purchases
I didn't get anything earth shattering:

A refill of High Volume Mascara.  It's not my favorite I've ever used, but it comes off in a way that no other mascara does.  It kind of peels off the lashes.  Bizarre, but I've noticed that my lashes are longer and fuller because I'm not scrubbing any of them off in the removal process.

I got an eye base in Sheer Gold.  I had a color that I loved last summer called Malibu, but it was a limited run color.  The Sheer Gold was the closest to Malibu, and I was wanting to recycle the shadows that I wore last year for Spring/Summer.  ~Yep, you read that right~

I did buy a new product to add to the eye shadow mix though.  I actually bought this product for the first time in the Fall and have been IN LOVE.  It's called 24 hour shadow liner.  Today, I got a color called Topaz and I think it will go nicely with my recycled shadows.

Finally, I got a new lip product to go with a lip pencil I already have.  I got a color called Perfection

Next stop after Neiman's...Sprinkles.  Yea Sprinkles! 
I had been totally jonesing for a Red Velvet Cupcake.  I also got one of their Seasonal ones~Chocolate with Bailey's Irish Cream Cheese frosting~ for free because I was one of the first 50 customers with the secret password that they had tweeted!

Then Jennifer and I went to Pottery Barn Kids.  Her baby finally cooperated with the sonogram this week and she needed some girly bedding this go around.  Yea Pink! 

We made one last trip before heading back north...Central Market.  It wasn't until I got inside and walked around that I realize that I had been stuck in the doldrums of Super Walmart/Target grocery shopping.  I was like a kid in a candy shop!  There were samples of everything...blackberries, blood oranges, limeade, a white chocolate/apricot/ginger bread that tasted like heaven.  When we inquired about whether one of the heirloom tomatoes was a Cherokee Purple, they even offered to cut it and let us taste it!  I was in foodie heaven!  I hadn't realized that I needed to shop at a REAL store to re-energize my soul, but that I did! 

Even though I had a fabulous Friday, I'm so happy the week is over.  I am also thankful that there is only 1 more week until Spring Break! 


Scrappy Girl said...

I do the same thing with the Louis Vuitton

courtney said...

i feel like we have a lot in common, but let me just say that you would DIE if you peeked into my make-up bag!! :)

The Ffrench's said...

Tell Jennifer I said congrats and to get ready for the drama because it's a coming.

Ann said...

Ditto to what Courtney said!

Glad you had a great Friday. All sounds like so much fun!


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