Sunday, March 13, 2011

Here's What

Here's what... I'm thinking, I'm doing, I'm obsessed with, etc. for the upcoming week:

(1) It's Spring Break, so I have every single evening free!  I'm also planning to take a few days off.  But as per the norm, I know I'll get a dozen phone calls on each of my days off AND I just found out the court scheduled a client's court date for Thursday (boo-I thought ALL courts were closed for spring break).  Civil attorneys get to send the courts fun little things called Vacation Letters where they declare their days off or holiday and the court won't set anything on that date.  We criminal attorneys don't have the same ability, which totally sucks.

(2) Tomorrow I'm headed to the arboretum for Dallas Blooms and Lisa's Birthday outing.  So you can bet on a million picture post coming up soon.

(3) I'm loving Adele's new album "21".  Every single song.  How often does that happen?

(4) So the time has changed.  For the record, I love Falling Back, but hate Springing forward.

(5) I watched "Life as We Know It" last night and really loved it.  I  totally expected not to.  I thought it was one of those, "you've seen it all in the previews" kind of movies.  But if I had gone to see it at the movies, I would have been thrilled with it.  I wouldn't have thought, "oh I should have waited until it was on DVD".

(6) I hate allergies.  So not fair that some of us are so horribly incapacitated by it every spring AND fall (at least in my case).  The weather is so nice and you want to be outside, but if you go outside, you know you will just be sicker. 

(7) I prepared my tax information to send to the accountant.  It was the first time I actually added up all of my out-of-pocket medical for 2010.  Made. Me. Sick.  Let's just say that I totally could have taken my dream trip:  a few days on Safari in Tanzania and then a few days in Zanzibar.
(8) Here's my warning of the week:  Watch out when purchasing gas on your debit card.  I bought gas at Sam's (as I always do) this week, but I guess because prices have increased, they have started putting holds on your account.  Of course when you use your debit card, they are putting a hold on your checking account monies.  So I bought my $60 worth of gas, which they debited from my account, AND they put a hold on $100.  Even long after the $60 had officially posted to my account, they kept their $100 hold.  In fact they kept their $100 hold for 5 days!  I expected to purchase gas and have $60 go out of my account, not $160!!!

I think that's all for now.  Hope y'all have a great week!


Traci said...

LOVE Adele! Her voice is like butta. Also loved that movie so much that I bought it.

I have been meaning to tell you that my parents got a dog like yours. Same kind- his name is Max and they love him about as much as you love Lola. We will have to get them together :)

Abby said...

Love Spring Break. I had no idea Criminal Lawyers couldn't do a vacation letter. Sucky

I am going to watch that movie, because all the sudden I watch movies...wierd.

I went running this morning and I wore a mask. It sucked but I'm going to see if that helps the allergy issue. Can't be outside for 5 minutes without serious repercusions. My poor yahoo's inherited that from me too...poor things!

Ann said...

I agree about the allergies- horrible. Mine has something to do with the blowing dust. Killing me!!

I also didn't know you couldn't do a vacation letter. However, there are a few judges that don't really care about a vacation letter. That is why I like practicing in a big firm. :)


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