Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Royal Wedding Supplies

I told you last week that I'm having such a hard time finding British party supplies for the Royal Watch Party I'm hosting.  Looking for napkins and plates...nada.  However, if I'd like a commemorative refrigerator, well that my friends, is available...

Now, I consider myself to be a little over the top.  I am hosting a watch party after all (though I'm suspecting scant attendance).  I'd even quite fancy a commemorative tea towel or piece of China marking the special day, but a refrigerator...come on!

I have actual located a US store online that is selling party supplies for the occasion... Plum Party

They have some of the adorable stuff that the Middleton's are selling on their website Party Pieces (but of course I wasn't going to pay to ship it overseas!)

Paper Plates that look like fancy Royal china

Really Official Napkins

Bunting (love the Corgis)

Cupcake Decorations

and special tea bags!

Wills & Kate

or you can include the whole family

I'll have to decide what to order.  I think it is all so cute!  Thank goodness for Plum Party...they rock!


Emily said...

I would totally love to see that fridge in your house! I think LOLA would bark at it non stop. Ha....hope your party goes great!

Anonymous said...

The party will not be the same now without the frig...


Abby said...

I saw the Wills and Kate on the Today show or some other program and think they are hillariously fun, not as much fun as the fridge but more of a practicle kind of fun.

The Cooper Family said...

Too bad I ordered a new fridge today before I saw this post!

Ann said...

I love the fridge. What a conversation starter!!

I so wish I could come to the party- because I'll be up watching all by myself. But, Caroline has a gymnastics meet that I would miss if I went to Dallas. Sorry!


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