Friday, April 15, 2011


I have this t-shirt that I wear often...

It's not too thick, but it's not too thin...
It doesn't fit tight, but it isn't voluminous either...
and it goes with black yoga-type capris that are comfy to knock around in.

Lately, I have encountered people who love to comment on my shirt, only their comments are, well, a little off.  Let me give you some examples.

A couple of weeks ago, I ran into Tom Thumb and a lady checking me out says "Ole' Miss fan, huh?".  I register what she says.  Make no sense of it.  Then realize that she is talking about my shirt, so I say "No, Texas Tech".  She looks at me perplexed.  I walk off.

For the record:  This is Ole' Miss's mascot
This is not the same as Raider Red.

Example 2:  I'm in line paying out at Freebirds.  Guy checking me out says, "You know I see kids come through all the time that have no idea about Looney Toons".  To which I think to myself What is this guy on?  Why is he talking about Looney Toons?  I guess I looked confused because he then said, "That's a cool shirt with Yosemite Sam on it".  To which I reply, It's not Yosemite Sam, It's Raider Red.  You know...Texas Tech.  He says "Huh.  It looks like Yosemite".  I walk off.

For anyone confused...

Let me introduce you to Raider Red...

He's one of our mascots out at Texas Tech.  Not to be confused with the Masked Rider
So, if you see me in my Raider Red t-shirt.  Feel free to limit your comments to the following:

(1) Give me a guns up (see above photo)
(2) Say, "Wreck 'em Tech"
(3) Say "Nice Shirt"
(4) Say Nothing at all

Thank you  for your assistance!


Ann said...

Come to Lubbock!! Everyone here will know immediately that your shirt depicts Raider Red. Don't you need to come out here and attend a baseball game or something?


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