Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I heart Cath Kidston

There is a retailer in the UK called Cath Kidston.  An almost princess-to-be was spotted outside Cath Kidston on Kings Road today in London (BTW: I lived on King's Road when I was going to school there!)...

Seeing the above photo in my daily perusal of The Daily Mail, made me realize that I haven't blogged about how much I love Cath Kidston.  I love each and every item they sell!

I love their romantic English rose prints, but it floral isn't your cup of tea, they have other prints as well.  You can buy just about anything...

There are tons of bags to choose from.  Purses, wallets, tote bags, book bags...
some are regular fabric, some are oil cloth

They have jewelry... necklaces, brooches, earrings, bracelets...

They have home items for every room of the house...
your kids rooms too...
They have cases for blackberries, ipods, DS cases, laptop cases, ipad cases, and iphone cases...

Lord Help Me, I love this next iphone case!
And they sell fabric by the yard meter...
I may have to figure out what I can do with this fabric!



They are as Royal Wedding CRAZY as I am!!!

Tea Towel
Shopping Bag

Key Chain

Just for the record, Cath Kidston doesn't have a clue who I am, and while this may look like a paid advertisement, it's just me sharing a retailer that I love with you guys!  Here is a secret:  You can download a free wallpaper for your computer from their website too!  Scroll down to the bottom of the website and it's located under "product information"~There are several cute ones to choose from!

You can also use them for iphone wallpapers too!  I'll put a step by step process for doing so below, though I doubt you would need it!  After all, I'm not very tech savvy and I figured it out!

(1) Save image as a photo on your computer
(2) E-mail the image to yourself
(3) Open the image on your phone.
(4) Tap on image and select "Save Image"
(5) Go to your "Photos" on your phone and then you can set it as a wallpaper as you would do with a "normal photo"


The Cooper Family said...

Must. have. that. fabric. Seriously, I am in love with it.

Ann said...

Really cute stuff!! I LOVE London. Ok, is my memory failing me? I recall posts about visiting London, but I don't think I knew you lived there. Need more details please.


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