Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Productive Day

Yesterday was a productive day!  I seem to have so few of those that I wanted to shout it from the rooftop!  I planted all of my new plants and got 4 loads of laundry done!  I was on fire, I'm telling ya!

My eye is still watering, but I've found that being doped up on benadryl on top of my zyrtec seems to help the situation, but of course it also makes me comatose.  So that fact that I accomplished so much while in a Benadryl haze is even more impressive, don't you think?

All the plants I bought this year were small, so they aren't too impressive right now.  Hopefully they will grow fast and look great soon.

Here's a tour of my yard:

~Front Yard~

Ferns by the front door
I've done this the past few years and they do really well here in this spot.

I have 3 pots in front (to the left, to the right and in between my garage doors)
This is the one to the right
In the center
To the Left

I've had such trouble finding something that will work all summer in my front beds.  They are the most difficult beds to work with- mostly shade, but the little sun they do get is afternoon sun.  Ugh!  Nightmare!

This year, I'm trying coleus, perilla magillas and sweet potato vines.  Fingers crossed!

I lost a fern and a hydrangea here.  I couldn't make up my mind what kind of shrub to plant in their place, so I just did sweet potato vines and perilla magillas

~Back Yard~

This wasn't really planned.  I hadn't decided what to plant in this pot and kept going back in forth, but had coleus, perilla's and a wave petunia left over, so I just planted them here.  Problem solved!
I bought this strawberry plant to put in a hanging basket that I had.  I then discovered that the coconut liner in the basket was shot, so I planted in this pot instead.
Planter box outside my kitchen window (what I see when I'm at my kitchen sink)

I still have a few things to do.  Hopefully they will get done this weekend and I'll post updates!


Legally Lovely said...

You always have the cutest holiday decorations! I love your little bunny rabbit decoration. And, your planters look so pretty! I hope you have a green thumb and all your plants grow well! :)

Ann said...

You do have a green thumb- and everything looks wonderful. I need to get busy in my yard!

Abby said...

Funny I'm loving collius this year too! Sweet potato vine, is my favorite (mostly because it's hard for me to kill it!!


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