Wednesday, April 6, 2011


At first glance, this may appear to be a political post, but rest assured it is not, but is a current event/walk down memory lane post...

You know that it's uncertain whether the dadgum government will remain open or be shutdown for lack of a budget agreement between the warring factions (previously and also known as political parties here in this country).

Before I begin my story telling of how all this relates to me and my past, I wanted to share with you the last 3 minutes or so of one of my favorite West Wing episodes. It's called "Shutdown" and it and the follow-up episode are great television and relevant to today's current events..

Now how this all relates to me...

You see, I'm seriously in doubt that the government is going to shutdown this weekend. Why? Because I'm not planning to go on any vacations with plans on my itinerary that depend on the National Government being open.

Let me make my case:

Exhibit A:  This gal with a Master's Degree in Political Science & Public Management didn't happen into studying our government by accident. I have long loved government and all things associated therewith. Well, in 7th Grade, I finally got my shot at going to Washington, D.C., when my uncle offered to take me over a long weekend in the Fall.

We flew in late one evening and wouldn't you know that we woke up the next morning to find that the government had shutdown.  Now, imagine with me for a minute what everyone who goes to Washington D.C. plans to do.  Now, consider how much of that depends on the government being open.  Yep.  Total suck-o!  No Smithsonian.  No viewing of the Declaration of Independence or Constitution.  No Zoo.  Nada.

We got to see the outside of all the buildings & monuments.  They couldn't really close down Arlington Cemetery.  We got to go to the National Cathedral.  And probably because of said shutdown, I got to see Mount Vernon, which I likely wouldn't have otherwise seen.

Here's a picture* of 7th grade me...locked out of DC

Exhibit B:  I had also always wanted to go to New York City.  I got the chance when my uncle (we used to be traveling buddies) invited me to go to NYC in December of 1995.  We went right before Christmas and flew back on Christmas Day (as best I can remember).  One of the activities I was dying to do was go to The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  Yes, you probably guess it.  The dang government shut down AGAIN!  No Statue.  No Ellis Island.  Total suck-o again!  At least there are many more non-governmental related activities in NYC than there are in DC.

Photo* of me in 1995 locked out again
(yep, that's a cast on my right hand...we left a day or two after I had wrist surgery)

So, you see, I believe that the fact that I have no plans to go on any fun excursions this weekend is a good sign that the government will not shutdown again.  

*I couldn't get my computer that's hooked up to the scanner to cooperate, so I took photos of my photos with my iphone and then instagrammed them!


Kelsey Claire said...

Haha! Good to know! Thanks for not having any big plans@

Abby said...

So funny, I just read about the implications of a shut down on tourism, this morning. It said the previous two shut down's weren't all that big a deal because it was cold, but with spring break going on and the cherry blossoms, ect. their would be a lot of mad tourist. Especially the 20K that had already bought their smithsonian tickets. We will see what happens.

Legally Lovely said...

Wow - you've had some bummer vacations. (But, I love that picture of you in NYC!) Glad to know it can't happen now though. :)

JEF said...

Here's hoping ... We would really like our paycheck.

Ann said...

What's the likelihood of shutdowns impacting TWO vacations? Ha!! Glad you don't have anything planned. Maybe we can avert a shutdown.

Jeannine said...

Loved your walk down memory lane. What a disapointment when you have planned a trip. Your pictures took me down memory lane-would like to see your albums. Meme


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