Friday, April 8, 2011

The Twitch

I was thinking this morning that I would love to have the Samantha Nose Twitch power from Bewitched.  Seriously, even if my power was limited.  Maybe 3 a day.  Heck, who are we kidding, I'd take 3 a week. 

But if I had 3 a day, I'd probably switch it up.  You know, one day a week I'd twitch my nose and magically, my house would be spic and span clean.  One day, it would take care of the piles of laundry.  Every other day, I might twitch my nose for a great blow-out for my hair.  Once every 7 weeks or so, I'd use my powers to magically have my hair highlighted so I would save the 3 hours that I spent at the salon today (and the $$$). Then times like tonight, I'd use the twitch to create a fabulous dinner that would be ready without requiring me to leave the house, go to the grocer, cook it and do the clean-up!  Think of the time I would save!   

Would you want Samantha's nose twitch power?  If so, what would you do with those powers?



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