Monday, April 11, 2011

Windy Days

Wind, wind, go away
Please don't come another day!

The wind is KILLING me!  It's killing me physically.  It's killing my ambition. 

My eye has been totally jacked for days now.  On Saturday, my right eye watered all day.  Not just a little watery.  It was constant tears rolling down my face.  Then yesterday, from the second I woke up until I went to bed, the same darn eye twitched all day.  Non-stop.  Thought it was going to drive me CRAZY!  Now today, we are back to the waterworks.  It looks like I've been crying all day!

The wind is killing my ambition to work in the yard too.  I've had a hard time getting geared up anyway (can't decide what to plant~I have difficult lighting issues in my beds), but the constant wind isn't making it any easier. 

Last night we had horrible storms in the area.  I woke up hourly and turned on the tv to make sure we weren't needing to take cover.  I hope everyone in this area made out okay!


Emily said...

First off...I agree I feel like I still live in Amarillo! What is up with this wind...AHHH

Second of all I LOVE the STORMS!!! Sorry you don't love them like I do...but I slept like a baby because of them!

Ann said...

Sorry about your eye! Mine do that sometimes and it is just so frustraiting! The wind was so bad here on Saturday that we didn't leave the house. The dirt is making me consider moving.


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