Monday, May 23, 2011

A Teaser

I'm back home for the first time since the early morning hours of May 14th.  I was on vacation until this past Saturday night and then I went straight from the airport to Nocona to get my baby.  I hadn't seen her since the 13th, and 8 days without my Lola is too long!  Yesterday, I did what I seem to always do at my parent's these days, I painted.  Then this morning, I headed to the vet in Wichita Falls with Lola.  She's fine.  Thought we might have bladder stones again, but after a $90 x-ray, we decided it was just an infection.  Also, I wanted to have a lump I had found on her checked out, but it was just a fatty tumor, so mostly all things are good in Lola-land.  Anyway, I finally got back home about noon today.

I've downloaded my 400+ vaca photos/videos, and plan to start making vacation blog posts tomorrow.  For now, I'll give you a teaser...

On this trip, I saw temperatures vary from 39 degrees to 100 degrees.  I visited two new states.  I saw sun, clouds, rain, sleet & snow.  Though I was in a desert environment where very little grows, I was highly allergic to everything!  I did activities from climbing very high hills, to rafting a river, to doing absolutely nothing.

So tune in tomorrow for post number 1 about my vaca.

P.S. I did read everyone's posts while I was gone, but I was reading on my phone and I don't know how to post comments from there!


The Cooper Family said...

I have been anxiously awaiting your travel posts!

Emily said...

I wonder....hummmm! But I am so jazzed Lola was okay.


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