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A Tale of Two Bathrooms

You may recall that I've mentioned my parents' were remodeling their bathrooms.  Such talk started back in November, but they live in a small town where there is basically only one contractor who you get to do anything, so they got in line behind some pretty big projects and the contruction didn't really get started until about April.  Then said "1 month" project turned into a bit longer, so I only got to end up seeing both completed rooms this weekend.

These bathrooms were pretty grody when we bought the house when I was in 3rd grade.  Then around 6th grade, they were gutted and remodeled, but the floorplan stayed the same.  Style of the "new" bathrooms:  Country.  Rust & Navy in one, Pink & Baby Blue in the other.  I can still see that "country" wallpaper with pink hearts on it that Mom hung in my bathroom that I shared with Dad.  Anyway, over the years, Dad received a reprieve from the pink hearts when Mom re-wallpapered his bathroo…

My Favorite Sale

I've been anxiously awaiting the mail on a daily basis for about a week now.  I knew any day something exciting was coming, and it finally came on Monday...

I flipped through it immediately.  In addition to the catalog, I was provided with a secret code that allowed me to log onto the website and look at everything that is going to be on sale.  I called Lisa to report that the sale was near.  Here's our conversation:

Me:  There are several things that I think I might have to request for my birthday or Christmas.
Lisa:  Well you know your Mom likes to get her shopping done early.
Me:  It's just so exciting, it's one of my favorite holidays
Lisa: What? Your birthday?
Me: No!  Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale!
Lisa:  Is that a holiday now?

I plan to get the necessities:  I always get my year's supply of Spanx.  I also need some new bras.  Not exciting, but it is great that my bras are $26 cheaper on the sale than any other time of year.

Non-necessities on my list may incl…

Unexpected Presents

I love getting presents at Christmas and Birthdays, but I think some of the most fun presents to receive are the ones you get unexpectedly and for no real reason.  I got one of those this past weekend.  My friend Lisa went to Nocona with me for the night and when she showed up at my house on Saturday morning she had a present for me.  I asked why and she said it was my "you didn't have a baby gift".  Really she knew I'd been having a rough time the past couple of weeks trying to keep my head above water, so she thought this would cheer me up.

Here's what I got:

These super cute magnets... and this paper weight which I adore! Lisa said she read the line about believing in pink and thought of me, but it was the line about lipstick that really sold it as "my quote".
I don't know how I have not seen this quote before, but I LOVE it!

Decorating for the 4th of July

Decorating for the Fourth of July is one of the easiest holidays to decorate for.  Just get a bunch of flag and stick them everywhere!  That is basically my philosophy when it comes to outside decorations at least, but inside I have a few other things...

My mantle is basically the same as last year with this sign and Uncle Sam car... This decoration was used last year, but I got the "firecrackers" at Hobby Lobby for like 90% off after the 4th last year, so I added them to the arrangement... Uncle Sam is by the fireplace this year.  Some years, he's been out front.  And I'm not going to lie, some years, he doesn't even make an appearance.  He's usually in the attic and since opening the attic in Texas in June or early July is akin to opening the door to Hell, he sometimes just gets left up there.  But this year, I thought ahead and when I was putting Christmas decorations back up in the attic in January, I went ahead and pulled Sam down. A flag runner on the coffe…