Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Beauty Find

Man am I glad it's Friday!  That's a normal sentiment that I have on a weekly basis, but today I mean it more than usual.  This being the first week of Summer school, and having class 4 nights in a row have really whipped me!  Plus it's been a very busy week in my "real world" of practicing law.  Yeah for the weekend!

I have been kind of MIA with the blogging this week, but I just wanted to tell you about a new beauty product that I'm liking.  And it's cheap!

Last week I had ran completely out of my Trish McEvoy mascara.  I didn't have time to run to the mall and get a replacement, plus to be honest, I didn't want to spend the $30+ on mascara again.  I thought I'd try a cheaper brand, so I perused the make-up aisle at Target.  There was a sales-lady there for the Boots products and she talked me into buying one of their new ones.

Love it!

First, I love Boots...

Boots was my neighborhood Chemist when I was in London, so there is some sentimentality there.  But this new mascara has a crazy little wand that is like 3 brushes in one.  It has stayed on well throughout the day, but has come off fairly easy at night when I wash my face.  It also hasn't clumped up once on my lashes.  And, it is only $7.99. 

If you are in the market for a new mascara, hop on over to the Boots counter at Target and try it out.  It's called Exceptional Definition mascara.



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