Sunday, June 5, 2011

I need a weekend from my weekend

Yes, I seem to feel the need for a weekend from my weekend!  It started out fine on Friday.  I was running some errands and planned to finally hit up the grocery store.  Then I came home between errands and noticed that there was some sort of leak in my attic and my ceiling was wet.  Total suck-o. 

I went into the attic.  Couldn't really see what was the problem, though I suspected my air conditioner.  Later that evening, Jennifer, her husband Kyle, and little Joshua came over to inspect my problem.  Joshua (age 3 1/2) immediately proclaimed, "Kara, you have a BIG PROBLEM!".  Nothing like a child to state the obvious!  Turns out it was the A/C related.  Long story short, there was a clogged pipe for the condensation drainage, problem fixed, except now I have to paint my ceiling.  Lord help me.  I pray I can just paint the one discolored portion.  The leak was in the living room, which is connected to my entry and my kitchen, so it would be a horrible and huge paint job to do the whole ceiling.

I have finally managed to make it to the grocery store, or really 3 stores because I can never buy everything at one place.  I have cleaned my house.  I cleaned out my closet some and made a huge pile of clothes and shoes for Goodwill.  I have gone to the nursery, and planted a few plants that I bought.  I have done 5 loads of laundry and have yet to get started washing actual clothes, though I do now have clean towels and sheets. 

Another suck-o part of the weekend being over with zero relaxation time, is that summer school starts tomorrow night.  It will be 4 nights a week for 5 weeks.  Oh, except for the last two weeks... they are making us go on Friday, July 1st to make-up for giving us Monday, July 4th off.  DO NOT EVEN GET ME STARTED on that!!!!  I've also been trying to get some Power Point presentations done for my lectures because apparently people are too stupid to follow lectures anymore.  My official evaluation by the department is always good, but I always get the "you should use power point...How do they know what to take notes on" in my evaluation.  Fine.  I give.  I don't know how I made it through a bachelor's degree, a master's degree and law school and recall nary a professor one use anything similar to power point. 

Well, I guess I had better go.  I need to go eat lunch, do more laundry, catch up on some shows, and work on another Power Point.  Hope y'all have had a good weekend filled with more relaxation that I have had.  Unless you were as behind on chores as I was, in which case, I hope you got a lot done! 



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