Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Painting Post

Here is a post to show the fruits of my labor from last weekend at my parents' house.  I am so ready for this remodel project to be over.  I think that when all is said and done, every single stinking room will have been at least painted.  Whew!

This past weekend, I painted the Utility Room/Exercise Room/Tanning Bed Room.  It has always been white on white.  White cabinets and white walls.  Boring!  For some reason, for the past many years since we have lived there (we moved when I was in 3rd grade and I'm 34, so you do the math), we haven't even had hardware on the cabinets.  Recently, my Mom painted the cabinets the same color (Ralph Lauren Oatmeal) that we painted the kitchen cabinets back in December.  They also recycled the hardware that we took off the kitchen cabinets and put them on the utility cabinets.  Then this weekend, I did away with the white walls...

my mom would probably want me to tell you that i forgot to take a "before" shot before I started moving all the stuff around, so that's why it looks like such a mess in the top "before" photo above.

Here's a couple more "Afters".  This is called "Georgian Green" and is one of the historic colors by Benjamin Moore.

I also painted my bedroom.  The wall color was good, but it was painted paneling.  Painted paneling tends to chip fairly easily and it had been touched up about a zillion times and was looking kind of bad.  Also, the color it was before I pained had looked really good with the old bedding that had been in that room, but recently I gave my Mom my "old" bedding because I still really loved it and missed it and thought someone should be using it.  The wall color really blended with this bedding, so I changed the color last weekend to a gray.  It's called Sandy Hook Gray and is from Benjamin Moore (a Pottery Barn Color)...

I think the new gray looks better in person than it does in photographs.  It really brings out the green and some hints of gray that are in the bedding.  Also the paneling painted gray really looks very cottage-like.


JEF said...

Love the new paint ... looks great. Also, read all your vacation posts...glad you had a good time :)

Abby said...

I have a computer again!! Yea for people who can fix computers and say things like I took it to the "clean room"...ehh?

Love the grey it looks fabulous. When you finish your mom's house, your welcome to come paint mine :) !


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