Sunday, June 12, 2011

Steals & Deals

Old Shopping Proverb:  When you are looking for something you will never find it.  When you aren't looking, you will hit the jackpot.

I have found some good shopping deals over the past few days and even some that I will categorize as steals. 

Of course, I got sucked into the Bath & Body Works annual June sale.  I got some deals.  Most of it is going in my gift closet.

I then stopped by Ann Taylor Outlet store.  I was actually making a payment on my Ann Taylor card because I didn't get it sent off in the mail early enough, and didn't want it to be late.  While in there, I noticed that they had an additional 40% off their clearance section.  Now the last 60 times I've gone looking for dress pants, I've had zero luck.  But I thought, Well since I'm not really looking, maybe I'll find some.  And woo-hoo, I did! 

I got these three pair of pants...

The brown and black dress pants (left & center) were normally $80 each.   I got one for $20 and the other for $23.  The black corduroy pants on the right... yea, they were my steal.  Original price $60...paid $2.86! 

I also had been in the market for some shrugs or cardigans to go over my maxi dresses.  I found a white one at Old Navy last week, but couldn't locate a black one in store.  I placed an order from Old Navy online that still hasn't come in yet.  So when I found this one at Ann Taylor, I snatched it right up...
Regular price $60...paid $11.99!



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