Friday, June 24, 2011

Taming the cord chaos

Do you have cord chaos at your house?  I think it is the worst byproduct of our electronic world.  Yeah, yeah...some would say texting while driving is the worst, but it's not that bad, just ask Rick Perry!  (cash in my smart-ass political comment allowance for the first half of the year). 

Anyway, I had cords everywhere.  Camera cords, phone cords, ipod cords, Nook cords, earbuds, etc.  I had purchased a little box at the container store, but everything was still a mess and I could never find anything.  Cord chaos isn't just an at-home problem either.  Travel anywhere today and you've got to haul along all those cords, plus some additional ones for GPS, etc.

Before I went to Arizona, I decided I was going to get something to organize my cords while traveling.  Vera Bradley has a cute little case for such things, but it doesn't even begin to contemplate the number of cords I'm hauling around.  So I decided to hit up the make-up aisle at Target and find something that would work. 

I came up with this...

Now full confession, I don't love the fabric.  Would I rather have a cute Vera Bradley one?  You bet.  But the thing about this one is that it has the absolute perfect inside compartments (and I thought it was about $10 cheaper than it actually was and I didn't have time to return it before my trip for a prettier fabric, but that's another story for another day!). 

Anyway, it worked so perfectly for the trip!  I had all my cords in here plus the GPS, etc.  When I finally got in my rental car at the airport in Phoenix, I pulled this little baby out of my carry-on bag and had easy access to the GPS, my phone charger, my cord to connect my phone to the car so I could play itunes through the radio, etc.  It was perfect!
Then after I got home, I was going to unpack it all, but I stopped myself and thought, "why would I do that?".  It's all so organized why on earth would I go back to shoving everything in a plastic tub?  So I just keep this in a drawer in the kitchen and it's been so nice!

So if you are in the same cord chaos situation I was in, hit up the make-up aisle at a store and locate the perfect organizer for you.  This may not be a novel idea, but my grandmother thought I was genius when I shared it with her.  Yes, grandma's are suppose to think their grandkids are genius, so I get that this may not be a proper analysis of whether my idea is clever or not!


Abby said...

I think your grandma is right! I will be copying immediately!


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