Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Coming Summer 2012!

Who can name ever single character in this photo?

Back row left to right: Ray Krebbs, Bobby Ewing, Pamela Barnes Ewing, Jock Ewing, J.R. Ewing, Sue Ellen Ewing.  Seated:  Miss Ellie.  Standing in front: Lucy Ewing.

Now maybe I know all their names because the real Southfork Ranch is located in my county.  And located near the ranch is a trailer park named Southfork Trailer Park.  And in said trailer park each and every street is named after a character.  And on the said streets, lots of criminals live and get arrested, thus I see their names and addresses on the jail list daily.  But no, this is not how I know the names of these characters.  It is because I remember watching Dallas every single week. 

I love Dallas.  I'll confess... I even own some on DVD.  So you can imagine my delight that TNT is bringing Dallas back to us next summer!

I love that JR is still a total turd the villain and Bobby is still the good guy, and it seems their kids didn't fall too far from the tree with John Ross being the new bad boy and Christopher (though adopted) is taking up his father's role.  CANNOT WAIT!

P.S. Please don't not respond and tell me that you were not alive when Dallas originally aired.  It will be harmful to my psyche.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Abby said...

So funny! I had a lawsuit involving southfork ranch. I took several "site visits" so I could "research" for my case. Everytime I got a private tour. The job perks of litigation are far and few between. I'll be watching.


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