Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cooking Tools

I love cooking tools.  I love pretty cooking tools even better.  I love just about any cooking tool that comes in pink...

These were the primary mixing bowls I used for several years.  Only there used to be 3.  I broke the size in the middle...the size I probably used the most.

So then I got these from Williams Sonoma.  I think I got them as a birthday gift.
Remember..."I believe in pink".
I thought these were particularly great for several reasons.  (1) They are made of melamine, which is way more durable than the ceramic ones.

(2) They each have this great little spout which makes pouring things much easier and less messy.
(3) They have a rubber ring around the bottom which holds them in place on the counter when you are mixing or stirring stuff.
Then those evil geniuses at Williams Sonoma, got together and said "How can we entice the people who already have a melamine set of bowls to buy another set of bowls?".  So they came out with a 4 piece set, and naturally, falling right into there evil scheme, I've been wanting that 4th bowl ever since.  Of course, they are not sold seperately. 

Then yesterday happened.  I had to go back to the mall because Nordstrom screwed up one of my pre-orders and I had to exchange an item for the correct size.  Nordstrom opened early because of the holiday Anniversary Sale, so I was in the mall right when the other stores opened.  While I usually shun the mall on weekends, I decided I could pop in Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn before things became too hectic. 

At W-S I looked at the sale stuff and noticed that there was a set of the 4 piece bowls on sale for $19.99 (regular price $39.95).  I thought about getting them, you know, so I could have that 4th bowl, but I couldn't figure out where I was going to store all these dang extra bowls.  Then I looked down and what did I see?  A set of two of the smallest bowls.
Apparently, they came in and the two bigger ones were broken, so they were selling these cheap! 
They are white, not pink, but they stopped making the pink set, so I decided to go with it.  Now I have a set of 4, and an extra of the one size (which is a size I really use a lot anyway).
Ha!  Check mate, William Sonoma, check mate!  I prevailed over your evil plan without having to purchase an entire set of 4.

But seriously, these are the best.  If you need a set of mixing bowls, they are great.  I've even given them to my Mom as a gift.  She cooks constantly and loves them.  She also hasn't torn them up, and I cannot even tell you what kind of endorsement that is to their wherewithal. 


Mom said...

I'm jealous. I love my bowls, but a lot of the time I really need a bowl that is a little smaller than the 3 that I have.

Ann said...

I have the same set of 3 in pink. Darn- now I think I need the set of 4. Love that small size.


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