Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a Mio update

So I went all crazy and decided that I needed to try more flavors of Mio.  I Love with a capital L, the fruit punch flavor, so I decided to invest in some other flavors and purchased the Peach Tea and the Sweet Tea (they were out of  all the other flavors that day).  I have to say I'm not loving them.  I may need to experiment more with proportions, but here are my reviews as of now:

Peach Tea:  Doesn't taste like peach tea.  I couldn't put my finger exactly on what it tasted like at first, though I knew it tasted exactly like something else I've had before.  Then it hit me.  It tastes exactly like a Peach Jolly Rancher.  I like peach jolly ranchers, a lot, but I don't think I want to drink a peach jolly rancher.  Kapish?

Sweet Tea:  Doesn't taste like sweet tea.  Haven't put my finger on exactly what it does tastes like.

I want to try the Berry Pomegranate, but now I'm a little gun-shy?  Anyone out there tried that one yet?



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