Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I've been wanting some Vera Bradley for a while now.  Other than the few small pieces (flat iron case, coin purse, flip flops, etc.), I have never really invested in the Vera.  The main reason was that I couldn't ever make up my dang mind which pieces I wanted.  Also, it's kind of pricey to buy and not really be sure about.

I think that some of my indecision was caused by the girls that work at our VB store.  I always wanted a large bag that I could carry-on to a plane.  They always tried to talk me out of the Large Duffel because "it wasn't structured".  They always tried to steer me toward the Get Carried Away tote or the Weekender.  I really thought neither one of these would really fulfill my needs.   

Last weekend when Lisa & I went to Nocona, she brought along her Large Duffel, which ironically enough, I had purchased for her one Christmas.  I decided on that trip that the Large Duffel was the answer, no matter what those sales ladies tried to tell me.  One of the patterns that I really like is on clearance, and it matches my large pink suitcase that I travel with the most, so I decided to bite the bullet and purchase now. 

I got  the following in Make Me Blush...

Large Duffel Bag (this is photo of small though)
The Garment Bag...

and the very large, Get Carried Away, tote...

I determined which had better prices (outlet or retail stores) and ordered accordingly.  I got the duffel at my local Vera Bradley store.  I ordered the garment bag from an outlet store in Massachusetts, while the GCA tote is on it's way from a VB retail store in California.  I  can't wait to actually have them all here!

I tweeted that this was not good for my bank account, but that acquiring the VB seemed good for the soul!  And just think, now I can stop being jealous of my 10 & almost 12 year old cousins... well they are in Lake Tahoe right now, so I guess I will continue to be jealous of them, just not about their Vera anymore!


Ann said...

Love it!! I keep thinking I'm going to go get some too, and then I do something really fun like have the fence stained and I have to hold off on the luggage. :)

Abby said...

Love it!!

JEF said...

I love VB as well. Although all I own is a very small purse for traveling. I do love love a good large tote...I have a million but it doesn't really matter ... you can always use one more right ??


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