Wednesday, August 31, 2011

All I want...

All I want, is to get this pretty chandelier that I purchased a month ago hung in my bathroom.

That's all I want.

Doesn't seem too complicated, does it?

Well here's the story...

I called an electrical company, All American Electrical, to be precise.  Don't mind giving them "a plug" for their fabulous work (read sarcastically).  Originally, I was calling to find out how much it would cost to have electricity run to the ceiling and get this installed.  You see, I don't currently have a fixture in the ceiling where this needs to go.  I called them because they had been sent to me on another issue by my Home Warranty company.  Before they came out for that job, they called me and talked me through fixing the problem myself, which saved me money.  It was a simple fix and they knew it, so they helped me out rather than taking my money.  I operate my business like that too, so that's why I called them for this job. 

Their price was good, so I scheduled them for the "next Wednesday".  I ordered the chandelier ASAP, so that it would be in and ready to go.  On the next Monday, I got a call from them and was told that they couldn't come on Wednesday, blah, blah, blah.  So they scheduled me for last Tuesday (which was a couple of weeks after the original Wednesday).  They told me to leave all day open and they would call closer to the date to narrow down a window or time.

On Monday, I hadn't heard from them, so I called.  I was told they would be there between 8:30 & 10:30 on Tuesday, but that I was first on the schedule.  At 10:30, they still hadn't showed so I called.  Then I was told that I was on the schedule for Thursday.  Well, I couldn't do it on Thursday.  My schedule was booked...over-booked in fact partly because I had been forced to leave my Tuesday completely clear.  I spoke with a manager who apologized and couldn't believe this had happened.  He scheduled me for today.  I was assured that they'd be here at 8:30 sharp, so I could be able to leave by 11:30 to get to my noon class.

So at 9:00 this morning I have the following phone conversation:

"Hi, we're calling to let you know we are leaving Garland in a few minutes to head your way and hang your chandelier."

Um, well, that means you are at least 30 minutes away. 


You know you have to be done by 11:30?


You do know that you aren't just HANGING a chandelier, but that you need to run electricity before you hang it, right?


Can you do that in less than 2 hours?

"Probably not"

Well, I guess you don't need to waste your time coming then, do you?

"If they'd have told me, we would have come first thing"

End Scene...

So I've tried calling the manager on his cell phone that he gave me and at the office.  He won't call back.  I really want him to call back so that I can tell him to FORGET IT!

I'm trying to schedule someone else now.

All I really want is a pretty chandelier in my bathroom.

A little glamour in my life.

I guess glamour comes at a frustrating cost?


Emily said...

Kara. I wish I could give you a hug...OR a big glass of wine...or BOTH! Aren't electrical companies, plumbing companies, painters, etc. People who are on their own time--frustrating at times? You poor thing. I think you should throw out some legal jargon and scare them into coming and doing everything at a very reduced fee. oxo

courtney said...

UGGGGGHHH! service people! yeah, i wouldn't waste your time with them--give your business (and money) to someone else! so frustrating!

Legally Lovely said...

Ugh - how frustrating! I agree with Emily; use some forceful/legal-sounding words and tell them you mean business! That being said, I hope it gets hung up soon (and with less confusion), because it is such a cute chandelier!!!

JEF said...

Send them a bill for all your lost time when you could have been making money versus waiting on them. Ugh...I hate service folks ... you are basically at their mercy or so they treat you that way.


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