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Help the Horn

I honestly cannot stand to watch the coverage from the Horn of Africa. The famine and starvation there is just unimaginable. I've been watching for a while. ABC was the first major news channel covering the crisis. Now everyone has caught up. Anderson Cooper is there right now, along with Sanjay Gupta. Their coverage will shake you to your core.

The alert that Anderson sent out last night was that based on the current influx of donations and supplies, the World Food Program only has enough for the next month.

$1 can feed 4 children. Who of us couldn't spare a dollar, or ten, or even more.

I would suggest going to the sight rather than the international site. If you try to donate at the regular site, the that would cause a charge from the UK to show up on your card and then you might be hearing from your bank's fraud department. That's what happened to me last night That's the word on the street!

Share food, change lives

You can also donate by texting  "AID" to 27722.  $10 will be added to your phone bill.

Don't really think that you have any spare change to donate?  You can still help.  Take the quiz.  How much do you know about what’s going on in the Horn of Africa? Find out by taking this short quiz. For every person who takes it, a child will receive a warm meal thanks to an anonymous donor. Take the quiz, put your knowledge to the test and then challenge your friends! You can also take the quiz by texting 'QUIZ' to 27722.

Please help out.

Sorry, I was in a hurry earlier and should have added:

There are lots of places where you can donate beyond WFP.  I mentioned WFP because that is where I decided to give last night.  One factor that I used in coming to that decision is that they are currently on the ground serving people.

Doctors Without Borders are also on the ground.  There are thousands of children losing their life to measles, (Measles!)  as well as the plethora of other medical conditions that they are treating. 

I know many of you like Compassion, and they also have a link for donations.

"600,000 kids on the brink of starvation. That should be a headline around the world."
      ~Anderson Cooper


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