Monday, August 29, 2011

An odd thing to do in class

So as you know, school started back last week.  While Irene was churning itself in the water to become a hurricane for the east coast, my calender was a hurricane all on its own, reeking havoc on my life here in Texas.  First week of school + busiest lawyering week of the year + law partner on maternity leave = not good.

By Friday night, I was tired and in pain.  It seems standing on your feet almost all day every day and walking miles in heels, can cause some pain for your body.  On Friday night, my left ankle and foot hurt so bad that I thought I was going to have to get the crutches out the garage just to get around my house.  Thankfully, I feel better, but the heels are going to be a rarity this week.

Anyway, in all that hub-bub, there was one thing about school that just cracked me up last week.  On Wednesday, a guy, who had seemed perfectly normal on Monday, busted out some knitting before class.  I just looked at him and thought, Huh, that guy is KNITTING.  But one of his classmates finally busted out with a "What are you doing up there?  Are you knitting?!?  What are you knitting?".  He informed us all that he was knitting a scarf.

I have to give it to my students, they didn't mock him.  They simply inquired about how long is the scarf going to be, etc.  He put up his knitting for lecture, but towards the end of class, we were doing a current events interactive discussion and out came the knitting again. 

I rocked along pretty good, wanting to laugh, but not doing so, until the very end of class when he pulled out his iphone...his iphone was housed in a case that he had knitted for it!

The knitting continued on Friday.  It's really a work in progress and we as the class are witnesses to the developments. 


Emily said...

I'm reading this post in Secured Transactions...and just burst out laughing. I'm sure that is a first for this professor :) Please keep the stories coming!!! I'm glad that your leg/ankle/foot is feeling you ever use inserts? Those usually help me considering I have the flattest feet ever! Hope your week calms down from last one. Happy Monday. oxo

Betsy said...

Wow! Girls were always knitting during our lectures, but never guys. How cute. Haha!

Here's to a better week, and feeling better feet.

Anonymous said...

Real men knit... obviously.

Rebeka said...

Oh my gosh, I would have died! I GUARANTEE that 1/2 his classmates were g-chatting about it even if they weren't laughing out loud over it.

Last year we had this kid who kept shout/coughing SO loud in one of my evidence classes (it just happened to be the last class before spring break too). Somehow my professor managed to keep it together even though the rest of the class was laughing out loud. His incredibly loud, sporadic, single coughs were being picked up by the acoustic microphone system thing and projected through the entire classroom. It was so distracting/awkward. I give you professors props for being able to hold it together much better than students when something funny happens!!!

Also please keep the stories coming :)

Legally Lovely said...

I bring my knitting to the law school a lot, since I can't sit still. I always have to keep some part of me moving, so knitting is always good for that. But, I never knit during lectures, just during down time.

I have never seen a guy knit though. Hopefully he rocks his scarf all during the winter. : )


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