Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Love Curly Girl Designs

Have y'all seen Curly Girl Designs?  I love them.  I see them at little gift shops here and there.  Today, I saw a new "CGD saying" that I hadn't seen before.  It joined the list of ones that speak to me...

Here are some of the others that I love (with my narration on why I love them)...
I kinda think this is true, but definitely not without a cape (pink) and tiara.

I have the saying on a magnet that isn't attached to the "Happy Birthday" theme, but this was a napkin.  What a great thing to say to a person on their birthday!

I substitute pedicure in my head when I see this.  I have the magnet and I love this saying & picture.  Picture me as the curly haired girl and Lola as the white dog.

Wholeheartedly agree!

Watch out for a girl with knowledge, determination and cute pair of shoes!

So true!

Makes me cry every time I see this.

Yes!  Exactly! 
I swear I even love Bahama Bucks snowcones better than everyone's because they put little umbrellas in your snowcone!

I think I heard something today that would make a great Curly Girl too.  An attorney came up to me at the courthouse and said "Happy Hour tomorrow afternoon at 5:30.  Be there.  Don't invite any nutballs."  It's kind of cracked me up all day!

Happy Thursday!


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