Thursday, September 1, 2011

I wanna go...

I thought about calling this post Musical Thursday, but instead, I decided on "I wanna go...", because there are lots of concerts that I find myself saying, "Oh, I wanna go!".

Adele's North American tour has been rescheduled.  And she just so happens to be making her way to my area of the world on the day before my birthday!  I think I wanna go!  I LOVE Adele.  If you don't know Adele, check her out and buy her CD's.  Her voice is incredible.  I'm pretty sure I'd have goosebumps the entire concert.

And yes, if you haven't figured it out, my ipod looks like a pchysophrenic person the music downloaded music.

Of course, I wanna go see Foo Fighters in concert.  I haven't see them in concert since 02' or 03' (can't remember which).  It was at this craptastic venue at the Fair Grounds.  There weren't any seats, everyone just stood around and crowded the stage.  I remember that they didn't take the stage until like 10:30 that night and I felt like a zombie in court the next morning.

But alas, the Foo haven't schedule one single Texas date on the current tour.  They released some additional dates this summer and I thought surely they would add Texas, but they didn't.  I still am holding out hope.  They are one of my favorite bands!

Soundgarden has added Dallas to their Reunion Tour.  I really want to see them. I mean they disbanded in 1997, and I didn't expect a full reunion. My friend Daryl went to see them in LA already and said it was awesome. He's going to see them in San Fran too. Trouble is, they are coming to Dallas on October 26th, which is a Wednesday. I have to get up super early on Thursday mornings, so I'm afraid attending this concert would be bad for me.

Tomorrow night, Steve Wariner is going to be at one of the Indian Casinos that isn't too far away. I'd really like to go see him. We used to go see him all the time back in the late 1980's early 1990's. My Dad really liked him and we would go every time he came through Wichita Falls. I wonder how much old stuff he would play, because I don't know a single thing he's done in the past 20 years???

and finally, I love to go see Willie again, and he's going to be in Grandbury (not too far away), and also at a Casino close by in November. Fact: A Willie Nelson concert was the first concert I ever attended. I was probably 5...maybe 4, and Whiskey River was my favorite song. I named my Pekingese Willie...he should have been named Lucifer instead, but that's another story for another day. Anyway, I LOVED Willie...and Donna Summer. I led a sheltered Disney kind of life, as you can tell :)

What about you all? Any concerts in your future, or ones you are wanting to attend? I'm sure I won't make it to any of these, but I like to think about it.


courtney said...

i'll admit, i'm not much of a concert fan. i don't know why, really, other than the fact that i hate crowds!

i would go to see steve warner and willie! so many happy memories from my childhood.

actually, i'm breaking my "no concert" rule and taking the girls to taylor swift next month. i'm already prepping myself for the crowds!

Legally Lovely said...

Oh, you lucky gal! If Adele is in your neck of the woods, I would get tickets!!! Go, go, go! I've heard she's amazing live.

The Cooper Family said...

Adele! Can we make it happen? She is at the top of my list for wanting to see live.


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