Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm Here!

I'm here!  Call off the search party.  I'm still alive! 

Gosh, it's been over a week since I blogged.  I intended to blog yesterday, but woke up to a pup with an eye infection.  I called our vet in Wichita Falls and asked if this was something he could call in a prescription for or if he needed to see her, and turns out he needed to see her.  We headed out after I was done with class and then...

271 miles...

3/4 a tank of gas...

and 6 hours later,

...we were back home with medicine to make my poor pup feel better.

I know that people thing I'm insane for hauling a dog all that way to see a vet, when there is a vet on every corner here in the metroplex, but there are compelling reasons for doing so.  Most of all, there is not a vet here who cares as much about Lola as our vet in Wichita Falls does.  He saw her at her worst, and he saved her from the brink of death.  Now, he wants to keep her from becoming insulin dependant, and that is my top priority too. 

I knew that steroids would be the likely treatment for her.  I've had vets here locally try to convince me that topical steroids wouldn't hurt her.  Our vet believes that while that is normally true, with Lola, they could be the thing that pulls that hair-trigger with her pancreas and creates insulin dependency.   So I choose to inconvenience myself for a day so that I get the very best treatment for my Lola! 

She has two eye drops that she has to take so that means a total of 16 drops of medicine in her eyes each day.  I'm so thankful to report that she takes them like a champ!  She was not a fan of the warm compress however. 

Thankfully, her eye is already better! 

Stay tuned, I'll blog about something fun again really soon...


Emily said...

Ill definitely keep you and Lola in my thoughts and prayers. You're the best lil mama ever to her. oxo

ps-I have missed you on here!!!


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