Friday, September 9, 2011

Jesus Saves, I Spend...

I sent Lisa a copy of this pic from pinterst last night.  I told her I was ordering it for her as part of her Christmas gift...

She said she thought I needed to find a 3rd job, or Jennifer needed to hurry up and have another baby, so that I would be busier.  She thought I had too much time on my hands to make fun of her.  But seriously, me telling her she needed this shirt is a case of pot and kettle if I've ever seen one.

So in the spirit of "I Spend", here's my deal of the day...

Garden Ridge has their outdoor cushions 50% off!

I have needed new ones ALL year.  Last year I attempted to "wait out" Garden Ridge and get them on a deal, but they never did.  I mean NEVER.

The red accent pillows appear to not match in the photos, but in person they do.  Weird.
Yes, my outdoor rug is totally ragged out.  I purchased a new one of those at Sam's last week 50% off too!
Obviously, I'll throw out the old one that's peeking out underneath.  This was just a quick demo.

I thought about getting a subdued paisley print, or a "normal" stripe, but finally I decided to heck with it.  I was going to make my "outdoor room" fun, fun, fun!


Ann said...

I love them and am so glad you went with the bright cheerful pattern. It is fab!!


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