Saturday, October 8, 2011

One Last Time

Today's a big football game.  No, not UT & OU's Red River Rivalry at the state fair.  Texas A&M has traveled to Lubbock for one last match-up.

If you will recall, I went to College Station for last year's Tech game... 

Sadly, we lost.  But I got to go with some of my Aggie friends.  Side note here:  As a result of A&M not having a law school, the bulk of my best friends are Aggies! 

Anyway, my friend Abby & I had discussed going to Lubbock for the game.  But between kids, dogs, school, jobs, and life, we just didn't get it planned.  Problem is, we didn't realize that A&M was defecting to the SEC after this year and this would be our last match-up (at least for a while)!  Now we are so super sad to not be in the Hub City for the big game tonight.

We (Lola & I) are all ready for it.  We will be participating in the Black Out at the Jones in spirit from the living room tonight, and are really hoping that we give the Aggies a sendoff that they will remember (but not want to)!



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