Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Crafting...

This past Friday night I did a little crafting.  You know, because I had nothing else to do.  Really, I needed my head examined.  Why on earth was I crafting when I had yet to really decorate my house for the season was the million dollar question.  But I had seen a couple of things on Pinterest and I was determine to make them.

I tried my hand at making blingy ornaments.  They are pretty easy, just kind of hard to get the letters all spaced out correctly.  I made one for myself and one for my friend Abby just to test it out and see how it worked.  I am still looking for some cute ribbons to tie around the top...

I also wanted to add a little something Christmas-y to the big tin wall-hanging above my television.  I decided on an ornament wreath.  I've seen two methods of doing these.  One involves hot gluing them to a foam wreath form and the other involves putting them on a wire.  I tried the wire method with a wire hanger

I still used a hot glue gun to make sure that all the hangers were firmly affixed to the ornament.  After I had glued about 53 of them, I was reaching down for my glue gun when I heard it pop.  Then a second later, I heard BBBBZZZZZ!, then I kid you not, flames shot out of the glue gun!  The shot up about 6 inches from the counter (luckily I had newspaper down, so no damage to the counter).  I'm so happy I wasn't holding the exploding glue gun! 

Here's the finished product.  Not perfect, but good enough, I guess...

I did manage to get 3 of my 4 trees decorated this weekend.  I still have to do the living room tree.  I know it would have made the most sense to do it first, but there were several reasons for my madness:

(1) I'm going to do this one.  If I had done it first, then I might have fizzled out and not accomplished the other decorating.

(2) There are about 7 plastic tubs full of ornaments for this tree alone, so it is a BIG project. 

I also had to take some time out of the decorating this weekend to go to the Dallas Symphony Christmas concert.  Lisa had tickets and needed me to go with her.  I told her I would go.  It was a pay back for her going to see Ryan Star with me in August 2010.  It was very festive and we had fun critiquing what everyone was wearing.  If you follow me on the twitter, you saw that we had earth shattering revelations like "If your ass sparkles, your feet probably shouldn't sparkle too". 

The only other big happenings around here are that I got my dryer vent cleaned out today!  It had been taking forever for my stuff to dry, so I figured there was a problem, and I needed to get it cleaned out before I burned out the heating element in my dryer.   So now that is fixed and I can do laundry again, and I have a mountain of it to tackle now!


Legally Lovely said...

You've decorated three of your FOUR trees!? You are a master of holiday decorating! I bet your home is absolutely gorgeous. I love seeing the pictures, but I bet it is a sight to see in person! Do you theme your trees? Hopefully you post pictures of those too!

JEF said...

Love all of your crafting :) Got your card as well...very cute. Our letters went out yesterday.


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