Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmases encore

Are you ready for some re-runs?  Back in July 2009, I participated in a "Christmas in July Blog-party".  I posted several Christmas related posts on that day with many "vintage" photos.  I thought that since my bloggy friends have grown and evolved over the past couple of years, I'd repost these Blog-party posts this month (you know, while I'm trying to get my act together and finish decorating this house, so that I can then post about that).


Let me start by saying, I really have a love affair with Christmas. I would leave Christmas decorations out year round if I knew people wouldn't mock me. You would be hard pressed to find ANYTHING about Christmas that I don't love... well, okay, except for Feliz Navidad. I hate that darn song!

My love affair started early, at my two month mark...
But on my second Christmas, things seem to be off to a pretty rocky start!
Someone must have explained who this guy was and what he does on Christmas Eve, because the situation seems to have improved dramatically. I've always been a rational person.
Christmas at my grandma's and a new pony.
The next year...

This guy was a family friend who I knew well. I never figured it out.
I'm not sure what has prompted this reaction, but I'm pretty darn excited!
This is Santa visiting me on Christmas Eve at the St. Bernard in Taos, NM
He was my ski instructor. I don't know why I didn't realize it. (You're starting to think I'm a little "slow" aren't you?)
Back in the room, Santa had filled my enormous stocking and brought a couple of my gifts.


Abby said...

You were such a cutie!

JEF said...

Love it :)

Mom said...

Seems like it was just, yesterday. My how time flies!


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