Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Iphone Photo Dump...

I decided to post some photos I've taken on my iphone over the past few weeks.  I will include a title and a short explanation with each...

What Did Santa Bring for me?

 Here the dogs are excited on Christmas morning while unwrapping their stocking stuffers.  I actually think this is my Mom unwrapping Millie's stuff, but Lola was equally excited.  The only photos we have of Christmas 2011 are iphone photos because I left me dang camera here in McKinney!

Cozy on the Couch

I've told you that I was couch bound for several days post-Christmas-eve less than graceful fall, and that Lola loved every minute of it, but here is photographic proof.  By the way, I forgot to include "Midnight in Paris" in my list of movies that I watched.  I really liked it.

Pathetic Pre-lit

This is what is left of the pre-lit portion of my bedroom tree.  Several portions bit it this season.  Pathetic.

I love tea, but I love tea in a cute mug more!

Look at this cute mug I got at Anthropologie right before Christmas.  It was on sale and they were doing an additional 50% off all sale stuff, so I got it for less than $4!

Just work with me!

In my sale shopping, I came across this headband.  Jennifer had me buy it for Harper and I was using Lola to model it so that I could text Jennifer a photo.  She was clearly put out by the whole process.


This is Lola on my bed.  She was all snuggly with Ellie (1 of her 3 identical pink elephants).
It wasn't posed either.  She brought Ellie up there and snuggled up to her.

CNN!  I'm waiting for your call!

I wrote down my Iowa Caucus predictions yesterday afternoon and texted them to a friend.
All I've got to say for myself is that I'm waiting for CNN to call, and I'll gladly become one of their new political pundits.

I have an idea...

Those words strike fear in my friends.  They know that a project is usually coming.
I hit up the 75% off sale at Wally-world today for a Christmas project I've got planned for next year.

Dang it!  I hope I got enough ornaments for said project.  I'm contemplating another w-mart run...


Legally Lovely said...

Lola is so cute - I love that picture of her snuggling! And, I cannot imagine what you are going to do with all those ornaments. Wreaths, maybe? Or, maybe a whole tree made out of ornaments!? :)

Abby said...

Love the lola bow picture!! So excited about your project!!


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